Art Decks!

By : Jane Chang
10 June 2014

Art is no longer confined to stuffy museums and galleries – it’s now making its colourful mark on the void deck walls of many an HDB estate.

Take mine for instance – I’ve been noticing some new murals springing up in my neighbourhood in recent months. Their bright splashes of colour brightening up the once-grey walls, they never fail to perk me up!

Murals everywhere!

These murals have been creatively painted over switch boxes, generator rooms, and pillars.

Murals around my neighbourhood in Yuhua, Jurong East

See what I mean?

Do I know that?

And just recently, more murals – or rather, art pieces – were done up at another void deck in the West side of Singapore. Here are two teaser questions to test your art knowledge, based on the photograph below:

1. What is the man in the painting doing?

2. Which Art Movement and artist is this painting inspired by?

Bet it was easy, eh!

The answers are: (1) Making teh tarik; and (2) Cubism – made famous by Picasso

Picasso in the Heartland?

If you enjoyed this Teh Tarik art Picasso-inspired piece, you’ll be happy to know that more of such works abound. Yes, you heard me right – there’s a ‘Picasso’ art gallery right in our HDB heartland!

Whether you’re on the prowl for unique galleries or looking to pick up some knowledge on Art History for your kids (or yourself), the Void Deck Art Gallery @ Gek Poh Ville is just for you.

It’s at Blocks 749 and 750 Jurong West Street 73, just across the road from Gek Poh Shopping Centre. The gallery pays homage to Pablo Picasso and his famous Cubism style (coincidentally, one of my favourite Modern Art styles too!)

You can’t miss the pretty-in-blue HDB blocks

Void deck walls, with their information on Pablo Picasso and Cubism, provide a quick lesson in Art History

A He(art)land Experience

You know what it’s like when you visit proper art galleries where security personnel hush you down and remind you not to flash that camera? Well, in these wonderfully relaxed void deck art galleries, you are free to enjoy the full experience of the artworks undisturbed. You can walk, sit, have a picnic, take funny photo snaps… whatever makes you enjoy them better.

You can even consider taking your wedding photo shoots with these vibrant walls as backdrop if you want something different from the usual romantic sunset shoots!

Social Creative’s manifesto painted on the walls of the void deck

This ‘Picasso’ gallery features more than 50 artworks in celebration of Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence next year, and were put together by DBS Bank, Hong Kah North Community Arts and Culture Club, South West Community Development Council, as well as non-profit enterprise Social Creatives. Depicting Singapore’s culture and history, this large-scale project involved more than 600 students, teachers and residents!

There’s a similar art gallery in Holland Avenue, also created by Social Creatives, which has been actively promoting community art – the awesome (and absolutely free) Pop-Art gallery at Holland Avenue!

Spot other Art?

Have you spotted any art pieces (such as murals, sculptures, or mosaics), while exploring your neighbourhood? Share your pictures with us on the MyNiceHome Facebook page!

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