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By : Priya Shandhini
05 April 2016

At Home with Jane and Davier


Stepping into this 5-room flat located in Tampines, gives you a sense of calmness – maybe it’s the white walls, or the earthy tones. This Scandinavian and minimalistic decor makes Jane and Davier’s home a cosy haven tucked away in the eastern part of the island.


Love for All Things Simple

“We were quite clear from the start on how our dream home should look like,” said Jane. “It definitely helped that both of us had similar tastes in furnishing our new flat,” added Davier. Having collected their keys in 2015, the couple shared their quick and interesting transformation of their BTO flat. “We started renovations in October last year and we were quite kiasu – checking the progress of our renovations almost daily. It was rather cool to witness the bare flat morph into our ideal home in just a few months!”


Making plaster look like a brick wall feature can save some money

Neutral tones never go out of fashion

Bomb shelter door cum photo wall

Getting Into the Design

Even before getting their keys, the design-savvy couple started planning the look of their new home by Pinterest-ing minimalistic interior design ideas. They also used Google SketchUp (it’s free!) to make their dream home come to live in 3D format so that they could play around with the space and plan the furniture.


Jane added that they did not want to have too many decor elements in their house, just simple evergreen ones that can be shifted around to instantly refresh the design.


Shelves with fuss-free and easily changeable decor pieces

The duo, who confess to being TV addicts, also put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that their living room turned out to be exactly as they envisioned it to be. So their dining table is just behind the sofa, and they hacked a wall off their kitchen so that they can interact or catch up on their favourite drama series while whipping up a meal.


Window seats let more guests lounge around the living room while multi-tasking as a storage option too

Open-kitchen concept – breakfast bar also doubles up as additional cooking or baking space

No Renovation Blues

Though the couple enjoyed shopping for the furniture (from picking out a wooden ceiling fan to complement their au naturel home, to finding the right dining table), they were happy to pass the bulk of the renovation planning to their trusted Interior Designer (ID).


Davier said that amidst their busy work schedules, they were thankful to have someone coordinate all the renovation works. The key is to do a lot of research and speak to IDs and contractors so that you can engage someone whom you are comfortable with, he shared.


Here are more shots for you to feast on Jane and Davier’s design ideas 🙂


Creative use for a coat stand

Small white side tables paired with a mirror stand for that minimalistic vibe

Wood, and more wood everywhere!

Adding a pop of colour and a local flavour to the home decor

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(Some photos courtesy of Jane)

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