Bathroom Beauties

By : Priya Shandhini
26 July 2016

A bathroom may be the last place you think about when planning your home renovation. As most of the basic sanitary fittings and tiles would already be installed in your new flat, there may not be much else to do. Or so you think.

Your bathroom can actually look fabulous with some restyling ideas. From industrial to luxurious and quirky, there are so many ways to refresh your relaxing sanctuary!


Industrial Chic

Industrial chic is all the rage these days and yes, you can adopt this look for your bathroom with a few simple tricks – paint your pipes black and fit in pendant lights with brass or metal for that raw and edgy vibe!

That is all you need but if you feel pulled to add something more, consider this if you are into DIY craft – frame a picture made up of newspaper cuttings (tip: choose newspapers that have yellowed with time; choose cuttings around a theme or design.


If you love this decor style, one quick way is to place some reed diffusers in a bottle of your favourite essential oils and let the scent fill up your bathroom. Pick scents that remind you of a certain holiday destination or spa to ‘transport’ yourself back to that serene state. 🙂

You can bring nature into your bathroom with some plants and woody, natural elements such as a shell plate or bamboo holder to hold your vanity items. And, some soft, warm lighting is needed to finish the look.


Modern Scandinavian

Simple, no-fuss, and lots of white – these elements make for a classic Scandinavian design. Function takes precedence in these bathrooms which feature natural elements and hues. Scandinavian style need not be boring as there are various textures, shapes and patterns that you can play around with.

But if you keep most things white and add touches of wood, grey and black, you can pull off the look. And do not forget to jazz it up with an arty Andy Warhol or graphic monochromatic print!



You can bring a touch of luxury to your home without breaking the bank because it is all about nailing the details.

Add some brass or copper elements to elevate the look – these can be in the form of soap holders or mirror frames. The knobs and pulls of your drawers can make a huge difference, so choose designs that give a royal finish to an otherwise ordinary-looking cabinet (you can replace the standard knobs that come with your cabinet). Elegant-looking glass bottles and pumps can be filled with hand-washing liquids and lotions to recreate a 5-star bathroom!



If you are a highly creative individual who prefers to express your personality, then the bathroom is as good a place as any to show the inner you. If you are into humour and fun, put up witty quotes on your toilet wall – your guests will be so amused when they use your bathroom. If you have young children, add fun and cheery items like yellow rubber duckies – a sure hit with kids!


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