Bubble Baths or Speedy Showers?

By : Priya Shandhini
05 July 2016

New home owners love experimenting with various styles and decor ideas for their home, and bathrooms are not spared the creative touch. With many transformed to evoke resort-style living, bath times are no longer a quick scrub and rub.

In their quest to make their bathroom an oasis of indulgence, some have opted to install a bathtub. Others prefer the convenience of a shower bath. Whichever you are inclined towards, read our helpful tips.


If you plan to create a relaxing corner in your bathroom by installing a bathtub, here are some basic need-to-know pointers:

1. Bathtubs must be installed within the bathroom area, and no extension is allowed.
2. There must be a void beneath the bathtub, and the void area cannot be filled with cement mortar or other materials.
3. There should be an inspection opening for future maintenance.
4. Weep holes must be provided.
5. The floor slab and waterproof layer must not be tampered with, to prevent leakage to the lower floor.

(Photo courtesy of Fiszuanie and Ashik)

Shower trays and screens

Bathtubs do take up considerable space in your bathroom, require more cleaning and maintenance, and are less water-efficient. So if you think it is not worth the cost and effort, you can opt for a shower instead.

There are many different fittings that can improve your shower experience – from rain shower heads that come with a multitude of ‘rain’ settings, to shower enclosures. Do note that the floor slab should not be tampered with when installing shower screens.

These are additional pointers that you need to know if you decide to install a shower tray and screen:

1. Void area beneath shower tray cannot be filled with cement mortar or other materials, and must be retained.
2. Weep holes must be provided.
3. The floor slab and waterproof layer must not be tampered with, to prevent leakage to the lower floor.

Or you can have both…

If you want the best of both worlds, a Japanese-inspired soak tub might be what you are looking for. These are actually shorter in length compared to a bathtub but they let you enjoy a bubble bath nonetheless. You can even install a shower head above so as to maximise your bathroom space.

Have a look through the full list of guidelines for home renovations on the HDB InfoWEB before embarking on your bathroom renovations.

Have you seen any nice HDB bathrooms? Send us photos viamynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or our Facebook page to share your design ideas with MyNiceHome readers. 

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