Buying Guide for New Flats

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Buying a home is probably one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Before you dive straight into the process, here is a checklist to guide you along.


Step 1: Announcement of Flat Sales Launch

• HDB will announce a sales launch via various media channels. You can then check out the HDB InfoWEB for more details on the location and flat types offered.


Step 2: Checks You Need to Do

• It is also a good time to assess your eligibility status and whether you can request for priority under the various Priority Schemes.

• If you are a first timer, you get certain privileges too.

• And will you finance your flat with an HDB loan or a bank loan?

(Tip: If you subscribe to HDB’s eAlert Service, you will receive your very own email alert every time there is a sales launch. Financial planning is very important, so do check out some tips for financial advice and the Cash Flow Planner.)

Step 3: Submit Your Application

• This is the stage where you and your spouse or fiancé/fiancée or family members would have held many discussions, and are now ready to make your application.

• Submit your applications online via the HDB InfoWEB. You can do this at

• If you do not have internet access, you can also visit the HDB Hub or any HDB Branch to apply.

(Tip: All applications are only processed when the application period is over. So you do not need to rush to apply the minute the online application opens. Apply when you are ready to do so – just make sure you keep an eye on the closing date

Step 4: Application Result

• When the application period closes, all applications will be put through a computer ballot.

• You will be informed of the outcome of your application about 1.5 months after the application closes for BTO and about 2.5 months for SBF. Alternatively, you can check the application status online as well.

Step 5: Book Your Flat

• When the ballot results are released, successful applicants will be given a queue number to book a flat.

• After 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your queue position, you will be invited for an appointment to book your flat.

• You will need to be present at HDB Hub to book your flat at the appointed date and time. If you are unable to do so, you may authorise a proxy to book a flat on your behalf.

• An option fee also has to be paid, and do bring along the necessary documents.

• If you are taking an HDB housing loan, you will need to ensure that you have a valid HDB Loan Eligibility Letter (HLE) before coming down to the HDB Hub.

(Tip: Make sure you have in mind a few other choices in case the flat you want is taken up by those ahead of you in the queue. This will lessen your anxiety and make your decision easier.)

Step 6: Sign the Agreement for Lease

• Within 4 months you book your flat, you will be invited to sign the Agreement for Lease.

• If you are taking a loan, you will need to submit either a valid HLE Letter (for an HDB loan) or the Bank’s Letter of Offer (for a bank loan) to our office. Subsequently, your appointed solicitor will arrange an appointment for you to sign the legal documents at their office.

• You will also need to sign some legal documents , make a down payment and pay the Stamp & Legal Fees.

(Tip: While waiting for your flat to be completed, you can periodically check out your personalised MyHDBPage. Specially tailored for you, it allows you to
– Follow the building progress of your flat
– Check the probable completion date
– Verify the overall application status of your flat )

Step 7: Collect Flat Keys (Hurray!)

• This is the happy moment where you take actual ownership of your home.

• At this stage, you will need to sign the final legal documents and pay the remainder sum and Stamp & legal fees.

(Tip: Do read through the HDB Welcome Kit. It has quite a bit of useful information that every new home owner needs to know.)

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