Can’t Wait to Get Home

By : Goh Mei Yi
08 January 2015

Jazmine and JK met, fell in love and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Like their contemporaries, they found their dream home in a four-room flat in Buangkok Green under the Sale of Balance Flats scheme. The couple got the keys to their flat in June 2013 and started the whirlwind process of setting up their first home.


Compared to their long courtship, it took Jazmine and JK only about a month to finalise the design of their new home, and another month for the renovation works to complete. The couple moved into their new flat in February 2014.


Lucky me was invited on a grand tour of their love nest, and got to hear of their experience about the design and renovations, along with some handy tips that they would like to pass on to the next couple in love (with their home :)).


Tip 1: Go With The Flow

As Jazmine and JK did not want to overstretch their renovation budget of $40,000, they decided to keep the floor tiles, timber skirting and doors which came with the flat. “We decided to work around these features instead of removing them, which will add to the renovation cost”, explained Jazmine.

“As you can see, all the wooden elements in the house match the colour and grain pattern of the doors and the skirting,” echoed JK.


The door, feature wall and raised platform are a perfect match!

Even the key holder is in a complementary shade and wood grain

Jazmine and JK took the same adaptive approach to decorating their flat. “I think most people try to cover up the bomb shelter ventilation hole, but we thought it could be part of the design. That’s why we got this huge circular metal wall clock to replicate the design of the ventilation hole intentionally!” said Jazmine.


The circular motif on this wall is a conversation starter

Tip 2: Create A Focal Point

Although Jazmine liked the country theme, JK favoured a trendy and modern vibe. The end result and compromise is a classic look that will not go out of fashion too quickly.

For both of them, the living room is their favourite place in the house. “In our respective families, the living room is where we bond as a family. Every one gathers in this room after dinner to watch television or catch up with each other.

“We wanted to recreate the same kind of conducive atmosphere for family time in our living room. We’ve been hosting a party almost every weekend, inviting different groups of friends and family over. In terms of design, the raised wooden platform in the living room serves as a focal point for the home,” explained Jazmine and JK.


The living room serves as the focal point for gatherings and parties

Tip 3: Think Out Of The Box

For more flexible use of space, the couple opted for “two-in-one” furniture. For example, their choice of coffee table can be extended into a dining table. And what looks like a bench for sitting is actually a custom-made shoe cabinet.
“As it is not built-in, we can move it easily should we feel like changing things around,” said Jazmine.


This bench doubles-up as a shoe cabinet

Tip 4: Know Where the Good Bargains Are

The couple managed to save quite a bit of money on furniture and appliances, just by making it a point to be in the know. JK let on their ‘secret’- “The full leather sofa set, which comes as a three-seater, two-seater and armchair, costs only about $400! We got it on the last day of a furniture exhibition when foreign exhibitors were selling their wares at very low prices because they didn’t want to ship back anything.

“The refrigerator was purchased from a roadshow at a much cheaper price compared to major furnishing and home appliance stores. Not only that, it came with a free mini oven! ” said JK. Jazmine also added that they bought their bed at a heavily discounted price at a department store’s closing down sale. (I thought these are very smart ideas which I can use the next time I refurbish my own home.)

If you have been inspired by their design ideas and tips, drop us a line on MyNiceHome Facebook – we would love to hear from you!


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