Care For Christmas Plants

By : Janelyn S
08 December 2016

For this season of all things red and green, try something different this year when it comes to decorating your home – holiday plants!

Wonderful additions to your home garden, these holiday plants can be enjoyed long after the season. We have some handy tips to help your plants look good way after the Christmas turkey and log cake are long gone.

Christmas Cactus

No surprises how this plant got its name.  The Christmas Cactus requires a strict regimen for its full bloom. Keep it in sandy soil, and only water when the soil is completely dry. To speed up the blooming process, place the plant in a dark room for about 4 weeks to allow tiny buds to grow. After which, you may allow some sunlight in the day and keep it in a cool temperature (about 13°C) at night. The bloom time may vary according to its breed, but you will still have a treat to look forward to!


The most recognisable and popular flower for Christmas – Poinsettia is used in traditional wreath decorations. It grows well in a warm and sunny conditions, so it is suitable for your garden in Singapore! To keep it in top condition, fertilise the plant every 7 to 10 days and give it ample water to prevent the potting mix from drying out completely. Remember to mist the leaves frequently too.


Gardenia grows best in a humid, yet shady and sunny place – balconies are good places.  To prevent the buds from blackening and falling before they bloom, mist the leaves daily to maintain the high level of humidity. You should also fertilise the plant regularly, using fertilisers specially designed for acidic soil.


Rosemary is one of those wonderful herbs that make a beautiful ornamental plant at home, as well as a great seasoning for dishes. It can be grown in a container all year, be it in warm or dry conditions. However, do mist the plant regularly and ensure that the soil is not completely dried out. Successful blooms will depend on the freshness of seeds and planting conditions. Did you know that Rosemary plants pruned in the form of a Christmas trees are popular as well? 

Share with us your other ‘green’ additions to your home this Christmas! Simply drop us an email or tell us via our Facebook page.


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