Choosing the Right Bed Frame

By : Bertrand Teo
02 August 2016

Seeking ideas for decorating the bedroom in your new home? We suggest you start with the focal point of the room: the bed!

As the centrepiece of your bedroom, it is definitely wise to invest in the perfect bed type and frame that can tie your room decor together.

There is a wide range of beds and bed frames in the market these days ¬– enough to cater to various needs and preferences. Style choices include regular panel beds, platform beds, canopy beds and day beds.

Here are 3 key factors to think about when shopping for that perfect bed frame!


1. Work with the space you have

It is important to consider the layout of your bedroom when selecting your mattress size, which usually comes in king, queen and single sizes. Your chosen mattress size will naturally help you narrow down the most suitable bed types or bed frames.

So don’t forget to take measurements of the available space in your room before going shopping for your new bed!

2. Consider the functionality

The storage capacity and height of the bed frame are also practical considerations. Bed frames with built-in storage space such as drawers can help cut down on clutter in your bedroom.

Beds of lower heights may be better for families with young children and also for elderly family members.

If you often have guests staying over, you might want to consider purchasing a multi-functional day bed that doubles as a sofa, to maximise space.

3. Embrace your favourite style

The bed frame you choose will also have an impact on your bedroom’s overall look. Panel beds – frames that come with a headboard and a footboard – are a favoured option for many people because of the variety of designs available.

If you want something a little more elaborate, there is the four-poster/ canopy bed, which comes with 4 vertical posts that hold up fabric drapes over the bed. Canopy beds offer an elegant touch to the room, and are a perfect fit for resort or luxury decor themes.

Platform beds are becoming increasingly popular as well. These are beds that rest on a customised raised platform. Platform beds are great for space planning, as they clearly define the sleeping area in your room. If you are intending on installing a platform bed in your home, do note these HDB guidelines:

  1. The height of the room is recommended to be at least 2.4m.
  2. The void between timber joists beneath platform must not be sealed with cement/ other materials.
  3. No storage is allowed in the void within the platform and floor.
  4. The side of the platform must be sealed.
  5. There must be at least a height of 1m between the top of the platform and the window sill/ parapet, as a safety barrier.

Let us know if you have any more useful tips for picking the right bed via or our Facebook page!

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