Cleaning 101

By : Mei See
26 November 2015

A lazy person with a spotless and clutter-free home – is this even possible? Speaking from experience, laziness and cleanliness CAN go hand in hand. Here is how I did it.



Prevent dust from getting a foothold in your home by having built-in cabinets and drawers. Such covered storage solutions help reduce the areas exposed to dust. Opaque doors can hide clutter too! While you are at it, do away with carpets or mats as these can attract dust and require cleaning.



Invest in a robot vacuum cleaner with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. After an initial set-up to indicate the frequency and mode of cleaning, you can literally vacuum the floors of your whole house with ‘eye power’. Thank me later when you empty the dust bunnies that would otherwise be roaming around your home – or spewing out from the air outlet of a lesser vacuum cleaner.


Do It Now, Do It Well

Wipe any spills immediately, before it sticks onto the surface for good. Use a left to right, and top to bottom motion when cleaning to prevent additional work. I have a stash of wet wipes for this purpose – just wipe and throw, no need for any rinsing!


What might have taken 3 hours can now be accomplished in about 1.5 hours! Now, reward yourself with a relaxing evening and a clean home 


‘Shut Up’ and Clean Less

Keep windows closed when you are not around. This prevents dust and dirt from entering your home, especially if you live in a new estate with neighbours renovating their homes.


Extreme Scheduling

Instead of doing your chores in sequence, which can take hours, check this out! Save time with little tweaks in your routine and leverage the use of technology:

Make It a Date!

If these tips did not help to inspire or lift the lethargy to clean your home, do it with your spouse or family – after all, many hands make light work.


Do you have more cleaning tips for a lazy homeowner like me?

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