Clementi Town Centre – A Mix of Old and New

By : Nur Hafizah and Priya Shandhini
08 November 2012

A trip to the heart of Clementi recently brought back many fond memories of hanging out with friends after school, sipping on our cold drinks and traipsing by the stepped water fountain.


The Clementi Town Centre of the 1970s

The area has undergone a huge makeover just recently, and the rejuvenation is a most welcomed one, with new facilities and amenities to keep the place fresh and bustling with new life.


In place of the old bus interchange and mall, the new Clementi Town Mixed Development was erected, consisting of two 40-storey residential blocks connected to a shopping mall on the lower levels, plus an air-conditioned bus interchange and link to Clementi MRT station.


The new Clementi Towers now stand as the key landmarks of the estate.


An evening view of modern Clementi

All in line for the buses in air-conditioned comfort

Students from Clementi Town Secondary School and residents have archived memories of the town via multi-coloured wall murals titled ‘Heartland Treasures’, which now adorn the lift lobby of Block 441A.

Cheery wall murals greet residents of Block 441A

Indeed the murals show the wide range of amenities available in Clementi and the revitalised town centre has made the area livelier.


But of the course, the development of the new town centre was no mean feat, and came with its own set of challenges. But these were overcome… and it is no wonder that the development has won so many local and international awards. Curious to know what these challenges were? Read more about this development as featured in HDB’s new magazine, ‘Dwellings’.


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