Clever Storage Ideas for Your Home

By : Janelyn S
05 April 2017

Organising is not a chore, if you incorporate style in your storage. Every little space can serve a purpose, and art can take form anywhere!


Sort out and store, but not just anywhere! Here are some ideas that will help you keep your mess away from sight, and add a unique touch to the design of your home.


1. Wooden Drawers


This is what ‘organising in a pile of mess’ means literally. Store your things in these wooden drawers and pile them together. It is neater, and looks like an art installation too!


2. Metal Baskets

Inject a hint of nostalgia to your nest. Metal baskets are not only sturdy, they can create a vintage look if you use them wisely, like this.



You can use them in your kitchen to store your groceries or even in the living room to keep
your books all in one place. So many ways to store your items using these baskets!


3. Storage Stools


Totally loving how you can store your things and sit on them. This saves so much space, and creates new spaces – to sit on! 🙂 You are sure to find stools with colours or designs that will complement your home décor.


4. Colourful Pull-out Boxes


Boxes of cuteness for the kids and ladies. A splash of colour will brighten up the room, so do explore different combinations of shades and tones. Oh, and leave the head of your teddy bear peeping out of the box for extra cuteness!


5. Hooks and Hangers

Hooks are such useful tools. You can hook anything, anywhere – the back of your door, the inside of your cabinet, on walls, under the table and more. Consider choosing hooks with designs on it for a quirky look!


Now that you have read this, are you going to organise in style? Start today! If you have other ideas, let us know via or via our Facebook page.


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