Coffee-logy: More than Just a Pick-me-up!

By : Charlyn Ong
15 June 2015

Humans of Singapore must really love coffee – myself included – because there are cafes and coffee joints at every corner!


You can take your pick from the wide array of coffee offerings. But whether you love them milky and frothy or bitter, black and steaming, coffee aficionados all agree that coffee tastes best when it comes from freshly ground beans.

But do you know that just like how each flavourful cup of coffee is savoured by fans, the used coffee grounds generated in making your favourite brew also offer other uses?


Inspired by the article Tea Bags – 101 Uses on reusing tea bags, I found tips on how to reuse coffee grounds. After all, recycling at home doesn’t always have to involve recycling bins


If you brew your own coffee, don’t throw away the coffee grounds! You’ll be surprised by their usefulness in your daily life – from a cosmetic fix to a new tool for your home. Here are a few ways in using unwanted coffee grounds.


1. Deodorise your refrigerator

Place a small bowl or container of dry coffee grounds at the back of your refrigerator or freezer to help absorb any nasty odours.


2. Cover up scratches on furniture

To hide scratches on dark wood furniture, mix some coffee grounds with warm water and vinegar to make a paste. Then, rub the paste over the scratches until they are fully covered. (Always test on an inconspicuous spot first.)


3. Trap roaches

If you are afraid of cockroaches, this use can save the day! Fill up a container with moistened coffee grounds and line the neck with extra-sticky double-sided tape to trap cockroaches. Place the container in a corner and the scent will lure them into your trap (instead of you chasing after them!).


4. Unclog the sink

Before you call a plumber, try this method. Pour coffee grounds, liquid soap and a kettle of boiling water, in the order listed, into your clogged sink.


5. Remove stains from crockery

If you have stubborn stains on plates, bowls and cups, wrap some coffee grounds in a piece of small cloth or towel, and gently scrub the stained areas. Avoid rubbing coffee grounds into cracks as this idea may backfire and leave stains behind instead.


6. Freshen your hands

To remove the odour from your hands after handling garlic or onions, rub some coffee grounds all over the fingers and palms.


.7. Exfoliate your skin

Concoct your own facial exfoliant by mixing equal parts olive oil and coffee grounds. Store the mixture in an airtight container and scoop out a small portion whenever you want to use it.


If you have other interesting ideas on reusing unwanted items around the house, do email them to us at We might just share your contributions on our Facebook page!





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