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By : Nicholas Yau
28 July 2016

At Home With Gerald and Nicole


“Zen. Every moment I open the door to my house, it is like entering Narnia. My home is where there is fun and lots of chilling – without the stress from the outside world,” shares Gerald, who moved into his new home with his wife Nicole, in 2015.


As avid coffee fans, the couple has integrated ideas from the places they love most – cafes – into their flat in Anchorvale. The 4-room flat evokes a ‘Scandinavian-industrial’ aesthetic.


“We will go to the most ulu of places just to try out the new cafes. They have since become our favourite dating and chill-out spots. So we wanted to make our home look and feel like that because it helps us to relax every day after work.”


While their home is now a relaxing abode, co-creating the design concept was not always smooth-sailing: “We were arguing a lot during the initial stage as we are both very ‘creative’ people, hence many ideas will pop up and we don’t end up with concrete plans. It took us about 3 to 4 months to settle on this concept because we can both relate to it, and it represents us.”


Just like any cafe, the lighting and wall decorations help set the ambiance. Detailed posters and signage, as well as mementos, offer a personal touch to an otherwise common design theme. “These are the spoils we gathered from our shopping and travels around the world. We only buy them if Nicole likes it, and if they fit into our design theme,” said Gerald.


Not everything has to be ‘vintage’ or ‘industrial’ to complement a cafe theme. Add a twist with some old-school touches of pop culture, such as these ‘Lego Minifig’ Superhero cushions!


An old-style clock on the living room’s brick feature wall gives a finishing touch to the couple’s cafe design concept.

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