Coffee Table-Scape

By : Nur Raihana
03 May 2016

Coffee tables – the perfect spot for steaming cups of java, remote controls, newspapers, and weary feet at the end of the day. But if that is as ‘decorated’ as it gets, there is a high chance your coffee table is suffering from a case of neglect.


Items for a Tablescape

Tablescapes, or table arrangements, are an easy way to add interest to the living room, and can be inexpensive if you already have a couple of pretty pieces on hand:

• Flowers, succulents, or greenery
• Candles or lanterns 
• Books or magazines
• Decorative baskets, bowls, vases, or trays
• Conversation pieces, like a piece of art or printed tablecloth

Gather items from three of these categories, preferably choosing those that match your decor and colour scheme as it will add to the room’s overall look.

Pick out some of your favourite things to display

Now, here comes the fun part – putting it all together! Follow these styling tips for an attractive tablescape:


1. Same, Same but Different

Start by grouping your items by height – something flat, tall, and the rest, somewhere in between. For a cohesive looking tablescape, the height of each object should not differ too much from the next tallest item.

Choose at least one piece to be the focus. It can be one that is larger, more intricate, or more boldly coloured that the rest. Three is not a crowd in tablescaping, because having an odd number of items will make your arrangement more aesthetically pleasing.

Bright and cheery, the yellow candle provides a focal point

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Be sure to incorporate a little something from Mother Nature. Nothing adds freshness and vibrancy to a room quite like floral arrangements, potted greens, or succulents. To go absolutely fuss-free, ditch the real thing and opt for realistic-looking faux plants instead.

If you are intent on having a home sans greenery though, there are other ways to bring the outdoors in. Complement a beach-themed home by arranging sea shells in a pretty bowl; and for a home filled with Japanese influences, corral sand and pebbles in a tray for your very own table top Zen garden.


Natural elements can soften the look of a room

3. Less is More

It is easy to get carried away decorating, but remember that your coffee table needs to be pretty yet functional too! Choose a few stylish items that can make a big impact, and you will still have plenty of room left on your table top for daily use.

Here is a bonus tip for you – if tablescaping sounds absolutely daunting, you can use one item to jazz up your coffee table, like an art piece or a vase of flowers. Just make sure it is proportionate to the size of the table, to avoid it looking overwhelmed.

Sure beats the look of an unadorned or messy coffee table right? 🙂


Still lots of space for coffee mugs and more

How does your coffee table look like before and after the table top makeover? Send us photos at or post it on our Facebook page!

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