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By : Samantha Koh
21 July 2015

Scandi fever has hit the home renovation scene! With its emphasis on clean lines and functionality, it is not difficult to understand why the Scandinavian style is a popular one.


Kelvin and Jaz, who recently moved into their new home in Anchorvale Isles, are no exception. With minimal furniture, light-coloured walls and wooden laminate flooring, the Scandinavian influence in their home is unmistakable. Like all proud home owners, they were more than happy to share their home design journey.


MNH: What is the inspiration behind your choice of decor?

K: It’s a Scandinavian-inspired design where we make use of the principles of minimalism, bright and light colours with wooden furnishing. But we put in personal touches so that the look and feel is uniquely ours.


MNH: Cool! Can you share some of the interesting features of your home?

K: I especially like the spacious interior, as it gives me room to breathe and dream! I also like the idea of having a huge table in the middle of the living room, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional (for parties!) If you notice, we also have many soft toys around the home. My wife and I simply love them


A cosy corner

(Writer’s note: when I visited Kelvin and Jaz’s lovely home, the first thing that struck me was the huge table occupying the living room. Many young home owners eschew having bulky furniture in the living room to create an open feel, but somehow, the large table did not seem to eat up space, but rather, complemented the modern look and feel of the entire home.)


MNH: Where did you source your furniture/furnishings from?

K: We looked everywhere! Most of our furniture is custom-built, like our TV console, cabinets, and bed frames. Our biggest and most expensive item is the sofa from a local furniture shop. The rest of the items are largely bargain finds – sourced from everywhere, including online shops!


Hey put that record on, tell me about your favourite song

MNH: Do you have any tips or advice for other new home owners?

K: Don’t buy everything at one go. It is going to be expensive. Buy what you need over a period of time and look out for bargains along the way! Sometimes, you can get super good deals if you search online as well.


MNH: What are some future plans for your home?

K: I am still furnishing the home as we are spreading out our purchases based on their importance. This way, it will not be too taxing on us and we do not need to take up any loan.


The use of clean lines and a simple colour palette is evident from the bedroom to kitchen

Thank you Kelvin and Jaz for welcoming us into your nice home! We are truly inspired by how you have created a space that is uniquely yours, and a haven to call home.  Indeed, planning well is the first step to success on the home design journey.


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