Dash of Red on Eight

By : Phyllis Tan
04 February 2014

Last year, we paid a visit to the friendly folks on the eighth floor of Block 542, Serangoon North Ave 4 and were pleasantly surprised by the delightful array of Chinese New Year decorations along their common corridor. We did promise to visit again this year and true to our word, there we were!

As I looked up from the ground floor, I was immediately greeted by attractive red streamers fluttering in the cool breeze. Intrigued, I excitedly made my way up to see what other surprises were in store.

As the lift doors opened, I saw rows and rows of brightly coloured Chinese New Year decorations, ranging from pictures of galloping horses to couplets with Chinese festive greetings. Sonny and Ray, who are part of the team involved in decorating their common corridor every year, were there to welcome me.

From left – Wong, Ray, Sonny and Mike are part of the team behind the decorations

We proceeded to walk along the eighth floor and they happily explained the idea for this year’s decorations. “The streamers on top are a must-have every year. What’s special this year is the addition of bamboo plants outside every unit, as well as pineapple ornaments to add to the festive cheer,” said Sonny.

All the neighbours contributed to the decoration in one way or another. From chipping in to buy the items, to the actual decoration work, everyone worked together with the common aim to spruce up the corridor for the festive season.

“Even though all the decorations are already up, the creativity does not end here. In fact, anyone can still add on to the items if a good idea pops up,” smiled Sonny. “For instance, one of my neighbours saw these lovely butterfly decorations at a store and thought that they will look fabulous on the bamboo plants. So, here they are!” said Sonny, gesturing at the pretty butterflies (shown below).

As I walked along the corridor, more and more interesting sights greeted me. Check out some of them!

Decorations with festive greetings that signify prosperity, well-being and happiness for the coming Year of the Horse.

Storage areas with seats serve a dual purpose!

Working on Walls

Wall spaces can be maximised too by installing floating shelves. Interesting shelves add to the visual impact of a room and the ceiling’s the limit when exploring possibilities. Done well, it can be a conversation starter among guests.


Think ‘high’ when it comes to utilising wall space

Good ideas should be shared! Do email us if you have any space-saving tips, or have thought up customised solutions for your family’s needs and spaces. Send us your photos as well to mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

Adding some festive touches to the potted plants

Pineapple ornaments which signify good luck lining the corridor

Of course, the fun does not stop here for the residents. In fact, they plan to find time and gather for a feast at the common corridor during other festive seasons such as the Mooncake Festival. “It’s a simple yet great way for all the neighbours here to catch up with one another,” said Ray.

The nice gentlemen that they were, as my visit came to an end, Sonny and Ray very warmly saw me to the lift. Before I left, Sonny said, “On behalf of the residents on the eighth floor, we would like to wish all MyNiceHome readers good health and a prosperous year ahead!”

As our lives get increasingly busy and hectic, it is inevitable that we may spend less time getting to know our neighbours better. The next festive season, why not start something similar? It’s relatively simple and will definitely go a long way to bringing people together!

An Update!

True to what was planned, the neighbours got together for a night of feasting at the common areas of their block last night. Such a great way to kickstart the week, isn’t it? Spending the Monday night with good company, and good food… Check out these pictures sent in by Sonny!

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