Decked In Art

By : Deborah Chua
06 June 2013

Now that we have been given free admission to museums operated by the National Heritage Board (yay!), this little known gallery under Block 8 at Holland Avenue will be facing stiffer competition. While it goes against convention to have a gallery placed at such a location, it is fitting for the type of art it contains, since pop art has been known to challenge convention in its representation of the everyday in abstraction. 


Upon entering the gallery from the covered walkways, you might experience a surge of excitement as you are welcomed by these electrifying colours and eccentric composition.


It may also jolt your senses, as you turn the corners and are greeted by these onomatopoeic explosions. 


And when you finally make your way under the void deck, there will be an explosion of another kind… one that grabs your sense of vision, as the columns and walls all dressed up in a sea of colours compete for your attention. Your eyes will be taken from one column to another, led by a string of bananas, polka dots and barking dogs.


Bringing the Museum Home

Ready yourself for a whole new art gallery experience. This is nothing like the sterile museum environment with its buffed parquet flooring and highly protected paintings sitting behind intricately carved frames from antiquity.


The art resides among a network of PVC pipes transporting I-don’t-want-to-know-what, electrical cables running the length of the void deck, switch boxes, and Singapore’s iconic green litter bins. Don’t expect to enjoy these art pieces in peace as well, because the young patrons of the well utilised playground just next to the void deck will not let that happen.


Oh, and feel free to interact with the art. Touch it; pose for a picture with it (flash photography definitely allowed). There are no barriers or glass panels to stop you from that! 


Also, no prizes for guessing who these pieces of art were inspired by. If you are still clueless, the bold descriptions stencilled on the walls will enlighten you. These quintessential pop-artists have been memorialised in museums all around the world for their contributions to this genre of art, and have definitely basked in more than 15 minutes of international fame.


Did You Know?

In their non-profit venture to promote community art, Social Creatives and the team who worked on these prismatic murals in the heartlands begin with an interesting idea: If anyone is asked to draw a house, it’s likely that they will produce a square-shaped building with a triangular roof.


But in Singapore, where more than 80% of the resident population lives in HDB flats, why doesn’t anyone draw a home in the shape of HDB flats? And what about those familiar bamboo poles hanging beneath the kitchen windows?


Food for thought, I’m sure. 

Anyway, why not see for yourself what a creative home is like? Time to put this down on your list of free museums and galleries to visit in 2013, and experience it for yourself, at a void deck near you (because Singapore really isn’t all that big)!


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