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By : HS Wong
10 May 2016

It is so on-trend to have decor themes and while it is a great idea to have a unifying motif, it can get to be a bore.

It can even restrict your freedom to add new and different things. Having chosen a minimalist decor for example, what are you going to do with all the eclectic treasures from your recent holiday shopping? The rules of minimalism dictate clean space and spartan walls and are unforgiving of clutter – yes, even your lovely holiday hauls are classified as clutter in the austere rule book.

So we say, be different if you dare and free yourself – and your home! Here are some ideas to get you thinking differently.


No Coffee Table, Please

Small side tables are more versatile than a large coffee table

A coffee table is one of those de rigeuer furniture pieces. Apart from being a functional item, it can serve as a bold centrepiece for your living room. But you can actually do away with it!

Instead of one large coffee table hugging all the space in your living room, you can opt for small side tables. These can be grouped together as a coffee table when you have guests over, but can be easily pushed to the side or wherever they are needed.


Mishmash and Spice It Up!

Pair different textures and prints together for a unique look

If you are a person who can remain calm in your own organised mess, try a mishmash of styles – of different furniture pieces, time periods, trends and colours. Such variety can spice things up in the living room.

A friendly tip on colour pairing: contrasting colours on the colour wheel work well with each other, e.g. blue-orange pair, and red-green pair. It also helps to visualise or sketch things down a bit so that you can roughly plan what to get and how they will look like when they are eventually put together.


Theme by Colour

Blue furniture makes for a bold and interesting choice

Scandinavian, industrial, monochrome are some of the common home decor themes. But imagine how cool it will be if, when asked about your home theme, you simply say, ‘blue’. Choose that one colour and let it be the driving inspiration for your living room decor. Tap on the colour’s analogous partners on the colour wheel to give it some variety – cyan in various shades (i.e. teal, turquoise, and aqua) is one of the easiest colour palettes to work with.

However, do remember as with all things, less is more. Do not overpower your living room with too much blue, red, or any other colour. White and black are the most useful colours that you can incorporate a little here and there to balance everything nicely while still keeping to your one colour theme 🙂


Light and Accent

A string of lights casts interesting shadows and gives your home the ‘wow’ factor

Everyone will tell you that you need ambience lighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting to light up your home. And every lighting shop has an array of them – from ceiling lamps to wall lights and floor and table lamps. These tend to offer more conventional choices and some come with hefty price tags.

If you are looking for something different for your accent lighting, consider using fairy lights. Yes, fairy lights work best as accent lighting as you can easily line them along the TV console, chairs, or anywhere you want.

To avoid the ‘Christmassy’ look, choose white lights, and do take note of the safety precautions!

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