Dreams of Home

By : Elvie Cheng
05 October 2015

When I was younger, I used to dream of living in one of these awesome shipping container homes.


Can you imagine living in a home built from shipping containers? (Photo credit: Buzzfeed)

Well, one can always dream. Being pragmatic Singaporeans, we did the next best thing and purchased a flat from HDB in 2011 – a Build-To-Order (BTO) 4-room flat in Punggol. Indeed, the day we got our keys on 31 July 2015 was one of our proudest ‘grinning Gecko’ moments – we OWN a home now!


Our BTO development, Waterway Terraces

This being our first home, we really didn’t know where to start when it came to planning and coordinating renovation. Both of us also tended to be procrastinators, so we gave ourselves lots of buffer by starting months earlier on our renovation journey.


We felt that a good starting place would be to check out the interior designs available, so that we could get a sense of which ideas were feasible and which design firm to engage. The Husband bought me some interior design and home décor magazines (easily available at convenience stores) to browse through, and I also ploughed through relevant websites when sourcing for ideas. Yup, I have been designated the ‘Chief Renovations Officer’!


Thereafter, we drew up a list of requirements that we wanted the eventual design to fulfil.


(P.S. Of course, ‘timeless’ is only if you are not going for the retro look!)

In essence, we believe that our first home should convey warmth, and be a snug and comfortable haven, not just for the two of us, but also the children (and future pets should there be any).

With each family member having differing views, needs and preferences, just how did we decide on the final design? Stay tuned for more!





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