Dreams of Home (Part 2): Our Beloved Treehouse

By : Elvie Cheng
13 October 2015

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… where I dreamed of our first home as a snug, warm and comfortable haven, not just for the two of us, but also the children and future pets…but with different views and voices all clamouring for attention, how did we decide on the final design?


Here’s how…So in the end, I very sneakily convinced the husband to go with a somewhat Scandinavian-inspired design theme for our house. We had intended to opt for something more contemporary, but I snuck in some ‘wood’ elements in the design, choosing wood laminates for almost (actually all) of our carpentry work.
This worked quite well for most of the house, except when it came to the living room – a note that wood laminates can look rather different from the tiny squares you see in the design book once it’s a great hulking piece of carpentry!


So now we have what I affectionately call the ‘tree trunk’ in the living room, in the form of a shoe cabinet. With the walls painted a cosy brown as well, I really feel I’m living in a Treehouse!


The ‘tree trunk’ shoe cabinet-(Excuse the messiness as the photos were taken when the renovation was ongoing!)

We also needed plenty of storage space as we have a growing toddler with a formidable collection of books and toys (it seems one can never have too many balls). Our Interior Decorator (ID) thus suggested building a bay window in our living room to serve multiple purposes. Not only would it be aesthetically pleasing but would also provide additional storage AND seating area for guests.


One could always use more storage space…

…and of course, the more space for shoes, the better!

Once most of the design and carpentry work was settled with the ID, we went furniture-shopping. While looking around, we tried to keep in mind how we would be using the different pieces of furniture in the future – for example, we wanted to have a dining table that was not cumbersome for our small family, yet would allow us to entertain family and friends when they came over. The solution? A table suitable for four but easily extendable to fit eight.


We also took a couple of days to drive around Singapore to search for electronic items and appliances; it was certainly fruitful as we found most of what we (the husband actually, as I can’t tell the difference between one model of TV and another) wanted at decent prices.
All in all, while renovation is no doubt a pretty new and mind-boggling exercise for us, the husband and I found a sense of purpose and belonging as we made decisions collectively to build our first home together.


Can’t wait to move into our new home!

Now we are just waiting for the furniture and electronics to be delivered and we are all set to move in!






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