Easy Floor Cleaning Hacks

By : Briana Tan
26 December 2017

Cleaning the floor is one of the less desirable household chores, and knowing a few quick and easy tricks can make the whole process a lot easier. Here are some easy hacks that will transform your cleaning routine.

Teabags restore shine in wood floors

Shine wood floors naturally with tea. The tannic acid in tea will help you get the shine back. Dunk 2 bags of black tea into hot water for a few minutes, then pour into the pail that you will use for mopping. A flat head mop best absorbs the tea. Do note that the tea should be hot but not at boiling temperature, when you mop.

Baby oil shines vinyl floors

If you have vinyl flooring, mix a couple of drops of baby oil with vinegar solution. See how easily it removes grime and increase shine! The acidity in the vinegar helps to break down the build-up of dirt on the surface of the vinyl flooring, and the baby oil acts as a natural floor polish.

Shaving cream and lemon juice remove grout

A mixture of shaving cream and lemon juice is a great way to clean grout between floor tiles. Spray the shaving cream on and let it soak for a few minutes before scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Otherwise, a dab of toothpaste does the same. 

Warm water cleans ceramic tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are relatively easy to clean with just warm water. However, be sure to sweep or vacuum first to remove any loose grit. Do not use a sponge mop as it will push dirt and grim into the grout which can be extremely tricky to remove later.

Lint roller clears dust, dirt and crumbs

If you notice dust, dirt or crumbs on the floor but do not have time to grab the vacuum – just grab your lint roller, run it through the areas that are dirty, and throw away the adhesive paper.

Socks to mop floor

Photo credit: DIY Projects

If you run out of wet sheets for your wet/ dry mop, just dampen your sock with floor cleaning solution, stretch it around the mop head and mop your home. The sock will pick up dust and dirt, leaving your floor super clean. When you are done cleaning, you can just wash the sock and reuse it.

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