Easy Sugared Toasts

By : Deborah Chua
01 September 2016


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Easy Sugared Toasts

What do you do with bread that is less than fresh, or leftover hot dog buns from a party you threw? Well, here is a yummy hack for you, to turn all that unwanted bread into delicious sugared toast! It takes a while to prepare everything, but every bite is worth the effort put in.

1. Cut your bun or slices of bread into bite-sized pieces

This makes them look really cute, and easy to pop into your mouth later on. If looks don’t matter to you, you can skip this step!


2. Put together a mixture of sugar and butter to spread on your bread

You can be the judge on the ratio of butter to sugar that is suitable for the amount of bread you are using. I would say no amount of butter or sugar is too much for this. I like it super buttery, so I did not hold back on that.


3. Spread the mixture onto your little pieces of bread and line them up on a baking tray

This is the most tedious part of the process – to slather on the butter and sugar onto each tiny piece of bread. I tried different ways of doing it:

4. Put them in the oven at about 120 degree Celsius for 45 minutes to an hour

Let the bread dehydrate to a crisp in the oven for about an hour or so. After a while, it may feel like you placed a butter scented home fragrance somewhere in the house. Do not be deceived by that sweet smell; the toast is probably not ready yet. Exercise patience till you see it turn a shade of golden yellow, and has a crusty texture when you run a fork over it.


5. Leave them to cool and enjoy the treat 

When they’re cooled, you can start to pack them in jars for your coffee table, or in little packets as gifts, for your neighbours, perhaps. You cannot deny them a taste of this goodness after setting off all the alarms in their olfactory system. (It’s also a sure win way to score points!)


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