Excuse me, is this an HDB flat?

By : Priya Shandhini
20 November 2014

The sky is the limit for some when it comes to dreaming up their ideal homes. Modern minimalistic, resort-living, Victorian, vintage – home owners are putting in a lot of time and effort to plan their home decor.


Recently, I visited a really cool flat that is beautifully renovated with careful thought and a design vision. The flat owners, Chelsia and Edwin, were more than happy to show me around their newly-renovated home and share their experience of planning for their love nest.


Meet Chelsia and Edwin

The couple got the keys to their 5-room Fernvale Foliage flat in December last year. Prior to that, they were eagerly anticipating the completion of their flats and would drive by every few months to take a look at the progress! Their renovations completed in March 2014 and they moved in thereafter.


Chelsia says, “Our flat is big, airy and comfortable. What I like most is that it is not a house that I feel everyone has – it’s a reflection of our personalities.” Edwin chips in, “We love to have gatherings with our friends here and this also led to the open concept so that the area is big enough for people to hang around and mingle.”


Chelsia and Edwin’s Scandinavian-themed flat with industrial and retro touches

Favourite pieces: The retro dining table and the dart machine next to it

Response to their home has been largely positive, with many commenting that it is different from most HDB flats as it differs from conventional contemporary styles.

Chelsia says, “the older generation asked questions like “Why is your flooring so dark?”, “Why is there a black wall here?” (laughs) They are also more practical, so they asked if it is easy to clean the house.”


The bedroom has a Scandinavian theme with wood and whites and blues being used. The concrete screed walls add a subtle design feature to the room

Brick wall in their living room that fits well with the home’s slightly retro feel

Unique partition wall: Individual red bricks cemented together and painted white

Little items that the couple picked up for their home over time

So, how should new home owners balance design and practicality needs? Here are not one, but five practical tips just for our readers!


Tip 1: Choose the right interior designer (if you need one)
Choosing the correct designer is important. You can’t just go to one without doing your research first. A good interior designer would be able to manage all the different works and schedule for those busy at work.

Tip 2: Set aside a comfortable renovation budget
Ensure that all renovation works are within your budget, even though you may want tonnes of things. This is an important factor for young couples.

Tip 3: Find the right balance in decision making
An idea has to be agreed upon by all parties. In fact, it is one of the most important lessons in give-and-take!

Tip 4: Research and research
Do your homework well and have background knowledge of renovation items and the things that you would be buying for your flat. Example, information on whether to use a gas or electric stove can be easily obtained online.

Tip 5: Be part of your BTO development’s online community
Being a part of a new online community helps clarify doubts, get tips and enables you to make new friends. Recreate that online kampong feel where people help to keep a look out for each other!


Do you know of other homes with interesting or unique themes? We look forward to featuring more such homes, so drop us an email if you do, at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg


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