Fairyland of Lights

By : Goh Mei Yi
09 July 2015

You know a festival or celebration is round the corner when you spot fairy lights of ruby red and emerald green, and yellow and gold sparkling and twinkling along the corridors, balconies and windows in your neighbourhood.


Red, blue, green, purple, yellow…what’s your favourite colour?

While these merry lights are joyful harbingers of cheer and goodwill, when transforming your home into a fairyland of lights, be sure to take some safety precautions. Here’s a list of helpful hints.


Look for the Mark

Use lighting fixtures which carry the SAFETY Mark. Decorative lights are categorised as household electrical appliances and accessories and must meet specified safety standards set by SPRING Singapore. Use only fixtures that come with the SAFETY Mark on the product or packaging.


Inspect Before Use

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Whether it is a set of new or previously used lights, make sure all the bulbs are working properly before hanging them up. If you are using an old set of lights, carefully inspect them for frayed, loose or bare wires and damaged bulbs or sockets.


Check the Usage

Indoor light fixtures should only be used inside the house to avoid electric shocks and short circuits as these may not be weatherproof. If you plan to hang lights outside the home, be sure that they are designated for outdoor use.


Check if the lights are meant for indoor or outdoor use

Replace and Repair

If there are blown bulbs in the used set of lights, replace them with new ones of the exact same wattage. For wires that are slightly frayed, you can cover up the exposed portion with electrical tape. Wind the tape until the inner metal wire is no longer exposed. Unplug the lights when replacing bulbs or repairing the wire so there is no danger of an electric shock. If the damage is extensive, it is undoubtedly safer to get a new set of lights.


Set a Timer

Don’t leave lights switched on when you’re not at home, or overnight after you have gone to bed. For safety and convenience, you can get a timer to automatically turn the lights on and off.


Keep Wires Neat

If the lights are far away from a socket, tape the extension cord along the perimeter of the wall to prevent someone from tripping on wires. For outdoors, keep the electrical connections above the ground and away from wet areas.


When The Celebration Ends…

Remove outdoor lighting when the celebration is over. Such lights are not designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.
If everything is all checked to be safe and secure, you now have peace of mind to usher in the festivities!


If your home is all decked out with festive lights, do share your pictures with us by emailing mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or posting them on our MyNiceHome Facebook Page.

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