Five Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

By : Mufidah Tasneem
20 August 2015

Weekends are perfect for de-stressing, and different strokes work for different folks. The occasional treat to a spa helps rejuvenate me (think fluffy towels, soothing music and the scent of aromatic oils).


I have therefore tried to recreate the relaxing atmosphere of a spa at home, starting with some simple touches to the bathroom.


Here are some ideas to try out.

1. No Visual Clutter

When each family member has his or her own set of toiletries, the bathroom can get cluttered. Organise shared essentials (cotton wool, cotton buds, or even shampoo) in clear jars or matching containers. They will look pretty enough to be part of the decor!


Opt for clear jars so that you can see the contents easily

2. A Pop of Colour

You can use colours to create an aura of calm. Opt for light neutral colours, but you don’t have to limit your colour palate to white, beige, or brown. Colours like greys, greens, and blues are the “new” neutrals! Want a dash of contrasting colour? Just add a shower curtain or floor rug in a bright shade!


A pop of colour here and there to lighten up your space!

3. Makeover with Flora

Plants and flowers reduce stress and add a touch of colour to a living space. Ferns and spider plants thrive in partially shaded, warm, and humid places – like the bathroom. A vase of cut flowers like orchids placed on the sink or vanity top also adds a classy touch.


A flowery touch to create a bright spot in the bathroom

4. Set the Mood with Aromatherapy

Scents can rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Soothing fragrances such as chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood can instantly relax the senses and calm your mood. To scent the bathroom with a signature fragrance, create your own blend of aromatherapy oils and use a reed diffuser.


5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This idea may require more time and effort, but the results are worth it. Large vanity mirrors or unique shaped ones will add a focal point in your bathroom. Want to feel like a star? You can think about installing a mirror surrounded by lights!


With these tips, your bathroom is set to be a pampering space! Do you have other ideas on how to transform your bathroom?


Share them with us, together with a picture of your gorgeous bathrooms, at!


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