For Where My Heart Is, There My Home Will be Also

By : SY Lee
05 March 2015

“I’ve got a blank canvas”. That was among my first thoughts when my husband and I crossed the threshold of our new five-room flat at Casa Clementi for the first time. Except in the kitchen and toilets, there were no floor tiles in our flat. But we couldn’t be happier, as that meant plenty of space for us to stamp our personalities. After all, there’s nothing like a personal touch to turn a house into a home.


We spent some months deliberating on what we wanted to do with the place and renovating it. Forgoing the services of an interior designer, we spent many happy hours poring over home décor magazines and websites for inspiration. Hunting down the perfect furniture pieces and fixtures also became a regular weekend past time.


Well over a year later, we can firmly attest to the saying that there is no place like home. Better yet, there is no place like the home which you had a hand in designing :). I am excited to share with you three more frequently used areas in our home, and how we decorated them:


The Living-Cum-Dining Room

This area was furnished with the intention of hosting friends and family.

Mirrors and white walls help reflect light and lend the effect of a larger space

With an industrial-Scandinavian design concept in mind, we chose furniture and fixtures which resonated with the raw look of the theme. While our living/dining room features lots of wood, cement and metal, we balanced the effect with the softer touches of flowy fabrics and leafy plants.


Fabrics and plants help soften the raw, harsh look of an industrial design theme

Being a bit of a bookworm, I installed a bookshelf just behind the couch for easier access. The bookshelf also doubles up as a display case for some of the bric-a-brac we’ve accumulated or were gifted with.


A bookshelf also gives us the chance to add pops of colour to the room

The Master Bedroom

Our home is decked out predominantly in earthy tones such as black, white and brown. However, we opted for a rich blue feature wall in our bedroom to break the monotony, and for a luxurious pop of colour.


Headboards can also be used as a display platform

Our attempts at creativity extended to our bedside tables, which we fashioned out of a faux-vintage trunk and mini step-ladder. This ensemble allows us the flexibility of changing our bedside table in future.


Not using inbuilt furniture gives us the flexibility to adopt different layout options

The Bathroom

We love our bathroom(s) for many reasons, chiefly because it is one place where we can truly call our own private sanctuary, even if it’s only for a few minutes.
To add interest to the white and grey colour theme of the bathroom, leaf-patterned wall tiles in a dark hue were interspaced with the white tiles.


Plan sufficient storage space to keep less attractive items out of sight

There are differing schools of thought about reading in the bathroom. What’s certain though is that reading materials add a dash of character and work well as a decorative ensemble in the bathroom too.


My hardcover novels add colour to our bathroom

Aromatherapy in the bathroom is always appreciated by guests

Still a Work in Progress

My husband and I are always on the lookout for ideas to improve our home. And that’s why our humble abode is still a work-in-progress, a year on. As we embark on our lives together, our home too, will reflect the evolving stages of our relationship.

In the course of decorating my home, the best decor advice I’ve found is to keep the home clutter- free. This is an extremely challenging feat for me, so if anyone has tips on how to do that, please send them this way!
(All photos courtesy of SY Lee)


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