Fresh Fixes with Toothpaste

By : Briana Tan
23 February 2018

Toothpaste keeps your teeth clean, shiny, and healthy. You probably might not know that the minty paste/ gel can work wonders for your home too!


Here are a few quick and simple hacks you can try.


Polishing silverware

Silverware tends to tarnish over time due to oxidation. To bring back the shine, there is no need to resort to expensive silver polishing solutions. Just buff them with some toothpaste and you will have your silverware sparkling like brand new again!


Whitening yellow soles

Most of the time, parents incur additional expenses buying new baby bottles to replace the old ones that start to smell of sour milk. Little do they know that there is a way to keep these bottles clean and minty fresh - just pop in some toothpaste and add warm water, then shake it all about, before rinsing the bottle clean.


Whiten piano keys


If you own a piano, you would notice your beautiful white keys turning slowly yellow. Give those keys a new shine by rubbing in a little bit of toothpaste and wiping it off.


Strengthen nails


No need for a manicure to have fabulous nails. All you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste to exfoliate and make them shine! This also helps to strengthen your fingernails.


Cleaning coffee/ tea stains



It is a pity to have your favourite white mug stained with coffee or tea. Those stains leave brown or yellow rings at the base of your mugs or just random spots around the rim and it just bugs you. It is actually not that hard to get rid of them. Try giving them a good cleaning up with toothpaste instead of dish washing liquid and you will be surprised at how well it removes all of your unwanted drink stains.


Got any other cool home hacks? Tell us via or leave a comment below!

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