Get Wet ‘n’ Wild

By : Mei See
03 March 2016

If you pictured a beautiful aquarium in your home, filled with neon tetras, platys, miniature corydoras, and shrimps, this article is meant for you 

While some of my neighbours prefer keeping dogs or hamsters as pets, fishes have always been the clear winner for me. They are small, brightly-coloured, quiet, fairly easy to maintain, and a great fit for any HDB home. Here are some tips on how to build your own aquarium.


Involve your spouse

As with all purchases, the most important hurdle is convincing your significant other on the pros of getting a fish tank installed. Persuade him or her with the aesthetic value it will add to your home and how the two of you can spend time admiring the fish tank together. Getting their buy-in has obvious advantages as you will have an equally invested partner.

Work with a realistic budget

After you have overcome the first hurdle, start doing the math. Regardless of the set-up you eventually decide on for your tank, fish and plants are usually the cheapest as compared to the tank equipment. For our planted tank, we invested in a good quality fish tank, filter, light, carbon dioxide tank, and chiller, so that our fish can live long and fruitful lives.

Decide on the tank size, layout, plants and fish

For home owners living in HDB flats, make sure you know of the size and weight restrictions for having a fish tank at home. Do adhere to the guidelines as it is dangerous for your neighbours if you were to set up a tank that is over the weight restriction!

After deciding on the size of your fish tank, plan the layout and choose what kind of plants or fish works best for you. A planted tank will not work with territorial fish like the luohanfish, which will actively re-arrange the items around in the tank. Similarly, freshwater pufferfish should not be kept with shrimps, unless you want to witness the annihilation of the latter within the closed eco-system.

Execute the plan!

Scour forums for fish tank-related topics to get the best deals before making your purchase. Once everything is ready, dive into the world of a fish hobbyist, and never look back. Enjoy!

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