Give Your Bedroom a Hotel Makeover

By : Nur Raihana
07 February 2017

Hotel stays are such a treat, thanks to crisp sheets, plump pillows, and beds that magically make themselves every day. The good news is that the hotel room look is not difficult to recreate at home. The bad news? Room service is not included! 


White, Luxurious Linens

Satiny, crisp white sheets are an affordable luxury

White linen is the classic choice for many hotels, as it is the quickest way to raise the chic factor of a room. It exudes freshness, will not go out of style, and matches everything. Go for the highest bedding quality possible as slipping between Tencel or high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets will feel divine. Add at least 4 fluffy pillows to the mix, and you are set. 


There is one downside to having such comfortable bedding though—your partner might end up stealing more than his share of blanket or pillows in the middle of the night.


Take Control of the Light

Interesting lights offer illumination and some drama

Ditch the wooden blinds, for the boutique-hotel look is all about the curtains; double-layered ones at that. The lightweight, sheer inner layer offers some privacy while the heavier outer controls the amount of sunlight streaming in. 


Hotel rooms are often well-illuminated, from standing lamps to cove lights. While you need not have as many fixtures, bedside lamps are a must because you can keep it on at night, without disturbing your partner too much. Where possible, opt for warm light which can help to set the mood for love—the glare from overhead white lights are way too harsh. 


Paint the Walls Sophisticated

A soothing colour palette works every time

Great bedroom colours are those that evoke a sense of calm because the bedroom is, after all, a space to recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your significant other. Warm neutrals like browns and beiges are popular in hotel rooms because they feel cosy, but you can also opt for grey or even mint. Romantic lavender or lilac also evokes sensuality. Not only are these muted shades soothing, they are understated and elegant too—the way many hotel rooms are. 


Add a Personal Touch

Incorporate little luxuries into your room

Hotel rooms are impersonal, so be sure to add a few personal touches to your boudoir. Books, scented candles, or even a small floral arrangement can add some character. Many couples also place or hang their framed wedding shots in the room in place of wall art. Do what makes you happy— it is your bedroom after all!
Sleep in 5-star style and there is a high chance you will wake up happy.


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