House-keeping Ideas You Probably Didn’t Know!

By : Phyllis Tan
14 May 2013

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, and how did you spend it with your Mummy Dearest? Did you make her any DIY tote bags? Or prepared her a breakfast in bed? Each year, my family heads for one of her favourite restaurants and we indulge in a feast! 


This year, however, instead of just the usual dinner date with the family, I decided to treat my mom like a queen and take over the housework for the day! While this might sound simple to some, I’m certain that many of us aren’t exactly big fans of housework (*ahem*… that would include me). So, being able to do this for my mum brought a huge smile to her face 


But with limited experience, I decided to make use of some zany, unconventional methods to spruce up my home the quick, easy, and cost-saving way! Here’s how I tackled housework bit-by-bit while saving money on equipment. (*Hi-yaa!*)



Keep your carpets clean and dust free

We put our feet on the carpet daily, and they can trap dust, dirt and humidity. But really, who has the time (and imagine the cost!) to do carpet shampooing?


On the Cheap: Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda (otherwise known as baking soda) over your carpet and leave for about 10 minutes. Vacuum your carpet to remove the bicarbonate of soda and watch the dust and dirt disappear!


Silver shining brightly

If you have souvenirs and display items made of silver, I’m sure you want them to sparkle like they were bought just yesterday. But silver polish can be rather costly, and remember you need to buy accompanying silver polishing cloths as well.


On the Cheap: Restore the shine of tarnished silver easily by brushing them with toothpaste. Rinse off the toothpaste and dry the items to see them shining like new again!


Get gleaming windows the easy way

When you look out the windows, I’m sure your want to see clear blue skies, and not a mottled view. To get your windows gleaming like new, you could spray window cleaner fluid like most people do.  


On the Cheap: Why not try using clear vinegar on your glass windows? They work just the same as cleaning fluids, but you don’t need to spend the extra cash on yet another household cleaning product! Easy does it: Just spray on, then wipe dry with old newspapers. You can use this simple method for your mirrors too!



Get rid of cooking odours!

After cooking up a storm, you find that food odours are still lingering in the kitchen? So mum may have forgotten to place the cup of vinegar before she began cooking. But don’t worry! No need to buy air purifiers with fanciful features like ionisers. 


On the Cheap: Boil a cup of distilled white vinegar and a few garlic cloves in an open saucepan for a few minutes and regain your nice-smelling kitchen again. It’s as easy as that!


Banish odours in your fridge

If you stored strong odour foods like durians in the fridge, chances are that the smell lingers even after a few days.


On the Cheap: Cut a lemon into half and scoop out the flesh. Fill the empty lemon skin with salt and place it at the back of the fridge for a natural deodoriser. If life hands you lemons, why not make ‘lemon-isers’ out of them!


Get sparkly saucepans

In local cuisine, we do a lot of frying and stir-frying. Sometimes, the burn marks are so stubborn and you give up scrubbing. But there is a simple way to do it, and this works like magic.


On the Cheap: Pour cola onto your saucepan over the burnt areas. Boil and stir the cola to get rid of the burnt residue. Rinse the saucepan for some sparkly clean magic! Best part is that you get to cut down on those extra calories by not drinking the cola 



Cleaning the toilet bowl

Again, the cola serves well as an all-purpose cleaning solution. Pour cola into the toilet bowl. Leave it there for at least an hour then scrub and flush. You might want to drink less fizzy cola after reading this!


Descaling the shower head

Place a blocked shower head in a bowl of vinegar and soak overnight. Rinse it with warm water the next day.


And there you have it! These are some of the zany methods that helped me transform my home into a spick-and-span haven in a day! However, if you are rushing for time and want an even quicker fix, why not challenge yourself with our 15 minute-plan for sprucing up your home?


Housework has never been so fun and easy! In fact, Mummy Dearest was so pleasantly surprised by my Mother’s Day ‘gift’ that she hinted that I should do this more often! 


Have any other quirky cleaning tips to share? Leave a comment on our Facebook page!


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