Houseplants Purify and Beautify

By : Kay Liao
13 October 2016

Have a serious case of apartment envy, after seeing glossy photos of stunning homes decked out in lush greenery? No problem, it can be a breeze to cultivate your own indoor garden too!

Another reason for growing your own plants at home – research has shown that houseplants help to clean and purify air and reduce stress levels.

Check out the list of the best indoor plants that can improve air quality and also serve as beautiful decor pieces around your home. 


Characterised by their juicy leaves and stems, succulents are a popular choice because they require relatively little care. Besides thriving in environments that may be too harsh for other plants, succulents come in a dazzling variety of shapes and colours. Grow them in terrariums or ornamental containers to jazz up any surface at home.

Consider getting the jade plant, spider plant or aloe vera plant for their outstanding air-purifying abilities. Besides filtering out air pollutants found in chemical cleaning products such as formaldehyde, the gel inside an aloe vera plant can help soothe cuts and burns. It likes a lot of sunlight, so place it in a sunny spot!


The champion of air-purifying plants, the English ivy is easy to grow. You can keep it as a floor plant, or in hanging baskets so its leaves cascade down elegantly. Other than eliminating airborne pollutants, its evergreen foliage makes it a lovely accent plant for your home.


As non-flowering plants, ferns are easily overlooked. However, it is precisely their large luxuriant fronds that make ferns effective in both humidifying and purifying your indoor air naturally. Keep your ferns happy by watering them consistently to keep the soil evenly moist.

The Boston fern as well as the Maidenhair fern are highly popular. It is not hard to figure out why – their lacy and delicate leaves create a stunning effect that add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Air Plants

Air plants, or tillandsia, are all the rage these days. They require no soil to grow, making them an attractive and hassle-free option for urban dwellers. Air plants are excellent at filtering airborne particulates too.

Caring for your air plants is easy – just make sure they get enough light, water and air circulation. Like succulents, you can grow your air plants in terrariums. Or try hanging them up in geometric metal holders or glass balls and be amazed at the spectacular effect.

Now that you know all about the best purifying and beautifying houseplants, you too can spend more time in nature, in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to keep your home mozzie-free too with this tips.

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