How to Choose the Right Dining Table

By : Janelyn S
06 September 2016

With so many shapes and sizes of dining tables, how do you pick the one that is just right for you and your home?

It is not all that complicated actually. Apart from choosing one that looks good, make sure that your dream dining table fits your space and gives enough seating and walking room. With these basic pointers in mind, here are the different dining table types you can consider. 🙂


The Regular

Rectangle-shaped tables are universally loved, both for its form and functionality. It works really well in a long and narrow room where more corridor space is needed for walking. They can be fitted into small spaces, even at corners, without dominating the room. A great way to save space!

(Photo courtesy of Li Shumei)

The Square

In contrast, square-shaped tables take up more space than you think it would. However, it can create a unique modern look, and enhances a pleasant intimacy between people, as everyone is seated side by side without a ‘head’ – democracy at work at the dining table!


The Round

Great for encouraging closeness and conversation among people, round-shaped tables are one of the best choices for dining as shared dishes are easy to reach. They also have no sharp corners to bump into! 🙂

Round tables are especially suitable for tight spaces. It can also fit in more people around it. Pedestal tables are even better, as they offer more legroom.


(Photo courtesy of Gary Kwong)

The Egg

A more traditional style of dining, oval-shaped tables can add a sense of homeliness to any meal, which creates a more relaxed atmosphere. People can also move freely, not having to worry about the sharp corners too!


The Seats

Once you have chosen your desired dining table, you can now decide on the chairs! Today, there are so many options when it comes to choosing your chairs. You do not have to buy a matching set. You can match the chair colours to other designs in your room, or bring a contrast in pattern and style that creates an elegance or element of fun in the room.


(Photo courtesy of Wong Seow Keong)

If you are looking for chairs that will eliminate the visual disturbance of multiple chair backs, or to free up some room space, do consider bench seating too, or acrylic chairs to lend visual lightness. Bench seats are also handy when you need to pack a couple of extra people around the dining table for special occasions! 🙂

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