How to Create a Cleaning Schedule that Sticks

By : Lim Wei Di
08 November 2017

Have you ever turned down guests because your home is not ‘ready’ for visitors? Are you guilty of only cleaning up when someone visits?

The year is almost drawing to an end and if you are still lagging behind your cleaning schedule (tsk!), here are some quick tips on keeping a schedule that sticks.

List them down

Walk around your home like it is the first time you landed eyes on it. Then list the cleaning tasks required for every nook and cranny of your flat and note down how frequently the cleaning should be done. Avoid vague instructions such as ‘clean the living room’.

Design around what works for you

Do you prefer doing a little bit here and there every day, or cleaning your home all at once so that you do not have to worry about it for the rest of the week? Or do you like to clean room by room, or chore by chore?

The trick is to work it based on what makes the most sense to you, so that you would be more inclined to stick to the cleaning schedule.

Be realistic about your own schedule too. If you work long hours, it is unlikely a plan to clean daily after work will work.

Split the chores fairly

Did you know that working couples sharing household chores ranks among the top 3 issues associated with a successful marriage. So, have an open discussion with your partner on how the cleaning tasks can be split fairly between the 2 of you.

Keep each other accountable

Another way to make sure that your house is cleaned on schedule is to keep each other accountable! Write them down somewhere and make them super visible — on a chalkboard, old school-style if you have to.

Set up a punishment system for chore-evaders, like doubling their load next week; brutal.

Put it in your calendar

Once you have worked out a schedule, block the hours on your calendar so that you do not accidentally make plans during this time.

Be strict with yourself! Do not agree to having supper with your friend if you have blocked out time to clean your toilet. Maybe you could invite your friend over to help out instead?

Review your schedule

Priorities change, plans come up, and things happen. Review your schedule every now and then to ensure that it still fits your lifestyle.

Have fun! Let us know if you manage to stick to your cleaning schedule after reading this article; say hi at

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