How to Have a Clean and Dry Bathroom

By : Briana Tan
19 July 2016

After a long day at work, all most people want is to be back at home for a refreshing bath. There is nothing more welcoming than a clean and dry bathroom!


Given Singapore’s humid weather, it can be tricky to keep moisture from building up in your bathroom. We share with you some tips on how to maintain a fresh and dry bathroom, and keep unwanted fungi growth at bay.


Inspect Regularly


If you have a bath mat, do lift it up and check for any dampness on your bathroom floor. Remember to check the walls and your bathroom ceiling too! There might be a leak somewhere that is supplying continuous moisture to your bathroom which will encourage fungi growth. So make sure to have routine checks on your plumbing fixtures for leaks.

Stay Dry


Wipe down your bathroom whenever you have the chance to – be it after a shower or while cleaning your bathroom regularly. The splashing of water during bath time may have caused water to be trapped in inconspicuous corners, resulting in moisture accumulation that can lead to mould and mildew formation.

The simplest prevention measure would be to minimise the impact of water splashing, and keep any wooden surface as dry as possible. You may minimise water splashing by installing a shower screen or curtain at your shower area.

While taking a shower, do remember to shut your shower screen or draw your shower curtain. After showering, towel yourself dry before stepping onto your bathroom floor.

Additionally, avoid hanging damp towels, washcloths or wet clothing on the door where it might soak up the extra moisture.




After using the bathroom, always open up the window and door to allow maximum air circulation within the room. Letting the light in can also help dry out any excess moisture in the bathroom easily.

And there you have it –– some easy and useful tips on having a clean and dry bathroom!

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