In Perfect Harmony

By : Priya Shandhini
29 December 2016

For a moment, we felt like we had stepped into a Japanese home. You might think the same if you are invited to Shi Lei and Hendra’s 5-room flat in Punggol.

Their home exudes a Zen-like calm. Everything is where it should be and nothing is not where it need not be.

The couple share the same Japanese design aesthetics and love for minimalist decor. A huge fan of ninja movies since young has influenced Hendra’s design taste. Wife Shi Lei is also into minimalism, so renovations were a rather smooth sailing process as their views converge in perfect harmony.

A traditional Japanese sliding door or shoji is the main focal point in their living room. We think it adds some lovely details to the clean and simple silhouettes. Shi Lei and Hendra also picked low to the ground furniture. Instead of a sofa, they picked beanbags. They also carved out a portion of their living room to set up a cosy tea corner, complete with tatamicushions. “Our parents were initially quite surprised to see that there is no sofa – but they got used to it,” laughed Shi Lei.

Their love for karate had brought them together so the spacious living room, free of obtrusive furniture, easily doubles up as a place for them to practise their karate moves in their free time.

Another constant in their decor is the use of natural elements such as wood. There is something quite special about how wood lends itself so well to the Zen feel. We are loving their wooden bathtub, which they were amused with when showing us around their flat.

“We love that our home is next to the Punggol Waterway, right next to nature. In the morning we wake up to birds chirping. We also get to see the sunrise from Coney Island,” they shared.

They spent about $35,000 on renovations, excluding furniture, which is not an extravagant sum. And we say it is money well spent.

The couple is excited to spend their first New Year together in their brand new BTO flat. We wish them a great year and many more to come in their beautiful new home!

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