Jazzing up White Walls

By : Jessie Ng
18 July 2017

White is my top pick when it comes to choosing a room colour. Not only does white make spaces look more spacious, it is also one of the most versatile colours to complement neutrals and accentuate vibrant colours and designs. 

Here are some ways to make your white walls less boring. 🙂 

Removable wall graphics

Make the wall appear intricately painted, create the look of a hand-painted mural, or post a message to yourself or your guests. These are some design ideas for white walls, using removable wall graphics. They are easily available at home improvement stores or you could even customise one to suit your decorating style. As wall graphics are easy to apply and remove, you can also switch them up and replace them with other designs, to create multiple looks for your white spaces.


Cushion covers, curtains and accessories

Add your favourite colours to a white room, with colourful furnishings such as carpet, cushion covers, curtains, candles, etc. For better contrast, use strong, vibrant colours. For instance, you can pair white with black and red, to achieve a chic and modern look, or sky blue and yellow to create a homely country-style. Like the wall graphics, you can also easily change the furnishings to create different styles for the white room, according to your preferences.



Wall art

Let your inner artist shine through by displaying your favourite art pieces on the white walls. Not only do framed prints and paintings add a finished look, the art you display also speaks volumes about your personality. If you have big, blank wall, add some large pieces of art to create a statement wall feature. You can also make your own geometric wall art, for a more personal touch.



Wall shelves

Add visual interest to your white walls using wall shelves or bookshelves. They provide extra storage space and are also a good place to keep and display your colourful glassware and ornaments. But do refrain from cluttering the shelves or it may make the room appear messy and unkempt. Remember, less is more. 🙂



Greenery is a good way to add colour to a room and also help to clean the air. For a variety of colours, add fresh flowers to your decor. If you do not have a green thumb or prefer something that requires less maintenance, dried foliage make for a good alternative.




Lighting helps to set the mood in a room. Use warm lights to add a cosy and relaxing feel to a white room. If you are one for variety, consider installing colour-changing LED lights to create different atmospheres, ranging from fun (i.e. neon lights) to the more serious (i.e. white light), according to the occasion.


If you have other ‘colourful’ hacks to jazz up your white spaces or rooms, share them with us via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg!


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