Koi Fish Agar Agar

By : Benjamin Chew
26 January 2017

Hands On!

Koi Fish Agar-Agar

Chinese New Year is for catching up with families and friends and also a time of feasting. Preparing for it includes a thorough spring clean of the house, and with work and a million other things to do, families these days turn to buying off-the shelf goodies to serve our guests. 

I will be breaking this ‘tradition’ this year, and attempt to do something different with a simple Koi Fish Agar-Agar recipe! Nothing beats a home-made dish.  🙂 



1 litre of water
3 pandan leaves
12 grams of uncoloured agar-agar powder
150 grams of sugar
Small pack of raisins (cut raisins into smaller pieces)
Food colouring of your choice (I use orange, green and red)

Cooking time: 30 to 60 minutes


1. Mix the water, sugar, and agar-agar powder. Add the pandan leaves.

2. Place the agar-agar mixture on medium heat and keep stirring until it starts to boil.


3. Reduce to low heat and stir every few minutes to prevent the mixture from clumping.

4. Dip the raisins in the mixture, remove and place them as fish ‘eyes’ in the jelly moulds.

5. Scoop a small amount of the mixture (about 2-3 teaspoons) into a saucer. Add a drop of food colouring. Mix it in well. Use a different saucer for each colour.

Note: Add more hot mixture if the coloured mixture has set.


6. Use a small food brush or the back of a tea spoon and spread the coloured mixture across the base of the jelly moulds. You can use a combination of colours.


7. After the coloured mixture has set, remove the pot from the heat and let the agar-agar mixture cool slightly before pouring it into the moulds.

8. Place the jelly moulds into the refrigerator and let the mixture set for at least 3 hours.


There you have it, beautiful looking and yummy Koi Fish Agar-Agar!

If you have the time, you can experiment with other ingredients such as coconut milk or add chopped fruits in the jelly mixture.

If you have other yummy Chinese New Year recipes, why not share it with us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or post it on our Facebook page today.

On behalf of the MyNiceHome team, here’s wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year!



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