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By : Desiree Ong
04 June 2015

When I have my own home, I envision it filled with all things warm, woody and ‘vintagey’. Unlike my peers, many of whom go for a more modern look, I gravitate towards handcrafted rosewood and teak pieces.


My love for old-world wood accents that convey a warm, earthly feel to the decor stems from happy memories of a childhood spent at my grandparents’ home which was furnished with many rosewood pieces.


Today, 20 years later, the furniture pieces look as good as they did when I was young. I asked Grandpa how he managed to take care of his furniture so well. (I figured his tips would come in handy when I have my own home!)


His secret was simple: just dust them regularly thrice a week, give them a monthly polish and avoid direct sunlight. I also decided to research for more ways through the Internet and asking friends. (Psst! These tips can be used for new furniture too.) Here’s what I found:


1.  Avoiding Heat and Direct Sunlight

Grandpa is right. Exposing wood to heat continuously may cause it to dry and warp. To prevent that from happening, avoid placing wooden furniture near heat sources like an oven or stove. Wooden furniture should also be placed out of direct sunlight for the same reason and to prevent fading


2.  Fixing Blemishes

There are a few remedies involving the use of lemons andcrayons in this very useful article‘DIY Fixes for Scratches on your Wood Furniture’ to make scratches less visible on the furniture surface. Alternatively, using a matching-colour felt-tip marker will conceal the blemishes too.


3.  Removing Stains

Remove heat stains made by hot cups and pots with a gentle cleaner. Mix your own cleaning agent using a non-gel toothpaste and baking soda. Gently rub the mixture over a small area with your finger or a soft cloth. Remember, try it out in a non-conspicuous spot first!


4.  Polishing Regularly

Make your own furniture polish by combining 1 cup of olive oil and ½ cup of lemon juice. Shake the mixture well and use a soft cloth to dab a little bit of the mixture to polish.


5.  Restoring Worn Out Surfaces

Scoop up a small amount of petroleum jelly and massage into worn-out looking parts.  Leave the jelly on for the wood to absorb. After about half an hour, work the jelly into the grain by buffing with a soft cloth.


If you have other ideas or tips on maintaining wooden furniture, do share them with us at


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