Maintaining Your Washing Machine

By : Priya Shandhini
10 January 2018

Household appliances work hard, very hard. Washing machines in particular, as they take on the heaviest chore in the house. Since most of us rely on washing machines today, here are some pointers to keep yours in tip-top condition!

Perform regular cleaning

Make it a point to clean the inside of your washing machine monthly to remove detergent build-up and residue. Most high-efficiency (HE) top and front-load washing machines come with the tub cleaning option. Add liquid chlorine bleach, powder cleaner or tub cleaner and then select the tub cleaning option. Once completed, use a towel or soft cloth to wipe the inside of the washing machine.

Avoid overloading

Trying to wash a mountain of clothes after days of not doing your laundry is not a good idea. You will probably overload your drum and run the risk of wearing it out faster. Many home owners make the mistake of trying to wash comforters that are too big. As a guide, a 7 to 8kg washing machine can accommodate a queen-sized comforter, whereas a king-sized one can be washed in a 9kg or bigger washing machine.

Use the right amount of detergent

Check the washing machine instruction manual or your laundry detergent to find out the recommended amount of detergent to put for your washing machine. Too much detergent will use up more energy to wash a load of clothes, increase wear and tear on the washing machine’s pump and motor, and even leave residue on your clothes.

Check the water hose

The water hose is equally important and should not be neglected. Check to see if it is bent, leaking or has dirt build-up. Replace the water hose – you can easily buy one from your neighbourhood hardware stores.

Keep the washing machine open

We tend to close the machine lid when not in use. Instead, keep it open so that it airs the machine and allows any excess moisture to evaporate.

Why not try out these tips? And if you have any other handy tips about washing machines, send them our way via

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