Make Friends the Fun Way

By : Briana Tan
02 June 2016

The HDB Community Week 2016 celebrating all things neighbourly, has come to an end. But its spirit is very much alive in the bonds and friendship among neighbours. Technology though can sometimes get in the way. So glued to our smart devices, many of us are guilty of checking our Facebook updates, instead of chatting with those around us at the dinner table.


Given the numerous entertainment choices available right at our fingertips, it is no wonder that we also hardly leave our homes to venture outdoors. This means that our real-life interactions with our friends or neighbours is also affected. So why not put down that electronic device and start making a change today?

Photo by Hang Loo Ming

In fact, do you know about the new HDB Friendly Faces, Lively Places Fund? This new fund hopes to encourage HDB residents to initiate ground-up community activities that promote neighbourliness and foster closer community ties.


I am sure most of us have heard our grandparents or parents speak fondly of the good oldkampung days, where strong communities thrived. Now, residents are able to propose community projects that bring people together, and apply for funding from HDB to make them happen!


There are many community spaces around your neighbourhood where you can bond with your neighbours, including void decks or community gardens. Residents can get involved in public art installations, such as painting a wall mural at the void deck to create a unique character and identity for their estate!

You can also make use of your town plaza to start your very own community activities with your neighbours. It can be a wonderful family bonding experience for everyone, and a great chance to get to know your neighbours better.


There is already a long list of ongoing community programmes that residents have initiated, such as gardening, bird-watching, flower arrangement classes, line dancing and more. Why not add on to the list? Signing up can be a fun way to make new friends too!


Take some time this weekend to think about your hobbies or interests that you might have. It may be in the simplest forms of handicrafts, cooking or even exercising. Take this chance to start a community activity and make it an opportunity for others to learn and experience new things from you.

Photo by Chin Boon Lian

If you need some inspiration on how to liven up your heartland spaces and enrich your community life, check out some of the winning photos from the Celebrating LIFE in Heartlands Photo Competition!

Photos clockwise L-R by Chan Wai Meng, Tan Choon Lai, Ng Kah Soon & Chen Wen Yun

Do you have any new and exciting community activities in mind? Why not share them with us at or let us know on our Facebook page.

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