Mix and Match Effortless Style

By : Priya Shandhini
06 June 2017

Who says that only homes with a particular décor style can look fabulous? I have been to a couple of homes, including Nizam and Fazlin’s, that show how home owners can have fun playing around with different styles to great effect. 

It might seem a tad risky, but what is life without trying? Attempt a few of these ideas and see how they turn your home into one that looks effortlessly chic – right out of a magazine!


Decide on a focal point


You need to play it smart and not be overwhelmed by the different types of furniture in your home. A good way to plan your home design is to decide on which parts of the room should be the ‘star’. The rest of the furniture and decor should only be good ‘supporting actors’ and blend in with one another. The ‘star’ could be an antique dresser, a feature wall with mosaic tiles – you get the idea. To blend in well, the rest of the pieces could be in the same colour family or in neutrals.



Make the transition seamless

Your home decor should not transit suddenly from industrial in the living room to Scandinavian in the bedroom if you want to blend the different styles seamlessly. Instead, see how the various themes can play out their parts in each room. One trick that I learnt was to find a unifying element. Be it colour, shapes or the use of materials like wood, plan your interior design aesthetics from there.



Small touches count as well

Getting an entire dining table set is passé. What is on trend rather is to pair the table with different chairs. How about a traditional dark wood table with sleek and modern plastic chairs? Another way to try this is to have different seat finishings for your bar stools or seats.


Nothing too big or small

To create a sense of harmony amongst different styles, the furniture pieces cannot be too big or small. Having a petite vintage telephone stand placed next to your large sofa is just going to ‘drown’ it out. Visual balance and proportion is key.


Is your home decor a mish-mash of different styles that actually work? We would love to see it then! Send us your home photos via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.


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