No Plastics At Our Party

By : Daniel Lim
23 May 2013

We’ve all seen it – the bag of trash after the party, overflowing with disposable plastic plates, cups, and cutlery. These modern day items are convenient for lazy folks, which probably means most of us. But being non-biodegradable disposables, they are harmful to the earth. They do not degrade naturally in the waste landfills – and plastic, in particular, poses a serious problem for marine wildlife.


So let’s all grow a green conscience and say ‘No’ to plastic the next time we organise a house or office party. Here are some things we can use in place of plastic:


 Check if the caterer uses recyclable or biodegradable plates and cups. These may cost you a bit more but what’s a few dollars if you can help to save the earth.


 Everyone in the office has his or her own tea or coffee mug, so ask them to bring their own mugs to the next office party as a green gesture.


A chance to show off your zany, interesting mugs

 Oh, some might not mind using their own cutlery too. So in addition to Bring-Your-Own (BYO) mugs, they can be encouraged to use BYO reusable chopsticks, forks and spoons. Reward those who do with a little green gift as a token of appreciation, perhaps?


BYO cutlery

 And if it’s a pot-luck brunch, let your guests know beforehand to prepare food in reusable containers and shun disposable packaging.  This way, they can also re-pack any leftovers for dinner – an incentive indeed, since there’s no need to buy/cook dinner for that day.


Pack your food in reusable containers

 If you’re planning a curry party, serve the meal on banana leaves – not only does it lend the right ambience, food somehow tastes better 

Spread the Green Message


Loud and Clear

Your ‘No Plastics At Our Party’ could also be just the right occasion for you to preach the green message and show friends how you’ve ‘Bin there, dump that’. Do this by being a thoughtful host – stow the rubbish bin out of sight, but prepare clearly-marked bins for recyclables, compostables and trash. (And make sure they sort their waste).


Here is a list of items that are NOT recyclable: - Carbon paper

Wax-coated papers

Plastic-coated papers

Tissue or paper towels

Paper or containers contaminated by food or other organic waste

Plastic film

Styrofoam food containers and packing peanuts

Say ‘No’ to plastic and sleep with a clear conscience, knowing that you are helping to rid the ocean of plastics and other waste that threaten marine life and eventually, human life. Do you know that researchers have discovered particles of plastic and other forms of waste inside the stomachs of fish that are in turn ingested by humans?


Sea creatures like this poor turtle don’t know what they chew on. Why not do your part to prevent this? If you want to say “No” to plastics and save the environment as well, click ‘Like’ on MyNiceHome Facebook.






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