Party 101

By : Nicholas Yau
27 December 2016

The long festive weekend is just around the corner. If you are planning a party at home, give it that extra sparkle with our party 101 tips!


Prep your Space

Whether you are having a big get-together or an intimate gathering, you will need more space than what your family is used to. Moving the furniture pieces around and clearing up clutter can help create more room.

This makes planning the space a lot easier. You can ‘divide’ the space such that there is an area marked out for food, and cosy spots where everyone can sit and relax. If you are having a gift exchange – leave a special table out for the Secret Santa presents!

Oh, remember to take out the brooms and do a bit of cleaning too, so that you can confidently give your guests a tour of your sparkling home.


Make it a Feast

The highlight of any party – the food! Whether it is a potluck or if you are cooking up a feast, it is always wise to be extra prepared.


Whether you are preparing the food yourself, relying on deliveries or catering, make sure that you can have multiple servings of food in appropriate amounts and at the right temperature.

If you are relying on deliveries, remember to order your food well in advance as caterers are almost always fully booked during the festive season. Even orders from hotels and supermarkets need minimally 3 days’ advance notice.

It is also good to stock up on some easy snacks that can be easily prepared. If all else fails, you can always rely on bags of chips and soft drinks.

Have sufficient bin bags and napkins around the food and seating areas (so your guests can easily clean up after eating).

Set the Mood

Good music and decor not only make your home feel more welcoming, but they can set a more joyous and relaxing ambience too. Time to use candles and fairy lights!


There are many playlists on free streaming websites such as YouTube and Spotify, curated for almost any occasion. Even playing it from your smartphone can help set the mood.

If you are playing music throughout your party, do be considerate to your neighbours. Tone down the volume and ensure that your guests do not make too much noise when it gets late.

Have a Sweet Ending


All good things got to come to an end, and pulling the plug on a fun party might be the hardest thing to do. Try to save the best thing for last – like a surprise cake, group photos, or gift exchange – but do most of the clean-up before this finale so that your guests can pitch in with the cleaning. It is a bit of their mess too!

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