Pass the Salt, Please…

By : Florence Keh
15 September 2015

Salt is not just an extremely important flavour enhancer, it has a million other uses too! You’ll be surprised to find out that salt can …


Revive wrinkled apples.

You want to make a fruit salad for dinner. But the apples have become rather wrinkly from being kept too long in the fridge. Try this to revive them. Just soak the apples in lightly salted water and watch the skin turn silky smooth again. (Wish this works on our human skin too.)


Keep apples looking fresh with some salt water

Extinguish grease fires.

We reach out for water when we want to put out a fire. But not for grease fires! Water will cause spattering and spread the fire. Use salt instead.

Now that you know, have some salt nearby when barbequing to douse any accidental fire. Use salt, too, when you need to turn down, not turn off, the barbeque flames.


Get rid of sweat stains on your clothes.

There is a way of getting rid of sweat stains that have deepened to an ugly yellow on your favourite shirt. Nope, it is not detergent or using more of it.

Salt dissolved in water is more effective in sponging off the stubborn stains.


Clean the fridge.

Nobody likes to clean the fridge but the day will come when you must clean the fridge. Instead of using store-bought cleaners, use salt!

Dissolve salt in water, then use it to clean the insides of your fridge with a sponge. It’s non-abrasive and chemical-free.


Pick up messy spilled eggs.

Tried cleaning up an eggy, gooey mess and ended up crying? Here is a fail-safe way to clean up – just sprinkle some salt over the spill (the salt will draw the egg together), then wipe clean with a paper towel.


Runny eggs are yummy – except when they are on the floor

Clean artificial flowers.

Even artificial flowers need freshening up. Get rid of the dust build-up by putting them into a paper bag filled with a handful of salt, and give the bag a gentle shake. Your flowers (even silk ones) will look as bright as new!


Remove watermarks from wood.

Your lovely wood dining table is now left with water marks after a dinner party. Get it back to looking good again with a salt paste mixture.

Rub this paste gently over the ring marks with a soft cloth until they disappear (patience needed), then buff with the right furniture polish.


With a little salt, dinner parties need not be a hassle to clean up after

These are just 7 amazing ways with salt. We could share 77 other ways, but we are saving that for another day, another time.


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