'Pin' Your Clothes

By : Briana Tan
16 November 2017

Does this look familiar to you?

I am sure we are all guilty of this from time to time, and that includes me as well! All is not lost though – here are ways to keep your room neat and tidy. 

Wall Hooks

install wall hooks on the wall behind your room door. This allows you to hang your clothes away A discreet way to keep your clothes is to place them somewhere out of sight. One way is to from prying eyes (at least when your door is open!)

Garment Rack

Here is how you can inject Pinterest vibes into your room while organising your clothes. Get a sleek monochromatic garment rack to hang your clothes and accessories, and achieve instant Scandinavian chic!

It would be a bonus if you take time to arrange your clothes on the rack based on their colour hues.

Wooden Ladder

I bet this idea never crossed your mind, but a nifty step ladder or wall ladder can actually be an interesting ‘tool’ to hang or place your clothes on. Just be sure that the ladder you choose matches the design concept of your room. For example, if you want a more rustic minimalistic look – a light-coloured wooden ladder should do the trick.

Wooden Branch

(Photo credit: Kekoni)

This last method of organising your clothes requires a little more effort but it sure is a rewarding sight. All you need is a long and thick tree branch, rope and 2 screw hooks. Drill 2 holes through your ceiling and make sure they are parallel to each other. Do also take note of HDB’s renovation guidelines when carrying out drilling works. Lastly, tie the rope around your branch and hang it onto the hooks. You can hang your light-weight clothes on the branch, which doubles up as an Instagrammable corner too!

Do you have any other creative ways to hang your clothes? Email us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg

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