Problem-free Shower Screens

By : Benjamin Chew
01 November 2017

Shower screens lend a modern look to the bathroom and are easy to maintain, and easy to clean – no wonder they are popular with home owners!

Nonetheless, you may run into some issues over time as shower screens are frequently exposed to water. Gunk and grime build-up on the sealant and roller joints is a common problem. If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, you can keep your shower screen in good condition for the years to come. We share some useful maintenance tips:


Bacteria and fungi grow best in dark, damp areas and show up as little black spots on the sealant around your shower screen and even on the glass surface.

We recommend that you ventilate your bathroom after using it, to prevent grime from building up.

Mould Removal

The shower screen sealant keeps water from leaking through the gaps or joints. Over time, dirt will accumulate and the sealant may also become loose, and cause fungi to grow due to exposure to water and Singapore’s humid weather.

To get rid of the mould, there are several commercial and home cleaning solutions. Try this: spray a mixture of vinegar and water plus a generous squirt of dishwashing liquid to the mould and scrub it clean away!

Routine cleaning

If all that hard cleaning sounds like too much work, make it a habit to clean regularly so that mould never gets a chance to grow. Some people ‘squeegee’ and wipe down with a cloth after use.

As shower screen doors are typically attached using pivot hinges or rollers, remember to remove dirt or particles trapped there; otherwise they can cause jamming of the door panels. Hair is often the main culprit at the roller joints.

Parts Replacement

With care and careful use, shower screens do last a long time. You can replace the sealant if it has become unsightly or difficult to clean, and also the hinges and roller parts which can be worn out over time.

Do you have any other maintenance tips for your shower screen? Drop us a note at and tell us via our Facebook page.

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