Prospective Home Owners Get Savvy too

By : Jane Chang
11 July 2013

For those first-time home buyers out there, I’ve previously shared some savvy tips to help you gear yourselves up for that important decision – buying a flat. Hope that you’ve found them useful!

And now, calling all prospective home owners! Just bought that HDB flat and are eagerly waiting to move into your Home Sweet Home? How about some home-savvy tips to prep yourself for the countdown to your housewarming party?

Here goes!

Tip #1: Keep an Ideas Scrapbook!

Seen a gorgeous home decoration or design concept in a magazine that you want to replicate for your new home? Cut it out or take a print-out and keep it in a scrapbook!

You’ll be surprised at the treasure trove of ideas to refer to and be inspired by when you’re about to start your renovation works. Or if you’re one for organising ideas according to themes, then create a moodboard instead!


Tip #2: Join a Community

Eager to start making friends with your future neighbours? You are bound to find others who feel the same too.

There are actually many Facebook groups created for (future) residents by (future) residents of the different flat developments – all you need to do is search for the right one on the Internet! Who knows, you might forge a friendship with your next-door neighbour even before moving into your new home. We heard that some groups even buy furniture together to get bulk discounts!


Tip #3: Look Honey, our baby is growing!

Keep track of the building progress of your new flat by logging in to MyHDBPage to view images of the development and enjoy watching your ‘baby’ grow from the ground up.


Tip #4: Look 2-D, Think 3-D

Floor plans are not only useful to determine the layout of your unit; you can also make use of them to plan the positioning of your furniture. The floor plan is drawn to scale – so once you have gotten the measurements for the furniture you have been eyeing… you could easily visualise it and “place” it in your flat. It is all up to you!


Tip #5: Find out the Who’s Who and Dos & Don’ts

Before you commence with any renovation work, do ensure that the contractor you are engaging is a registered renovation contractor! Apart from that, it is also important to take note of the renovation dos and don’ts for HDB flats. Good to read up on these first for a smoother renovation process ahead!

And remember, never allow your contractor to knock down structural walls! It is illegal and compromises the structural safety of your entire block which houses your home too.


Tip #6: ‘Chope’ Some Used Goods and Save!

Know of anyone who is discarding their furniture or home appliances? If the items are in good condition, and you have a use for them, why not ask and give these items a new lease of life? This saves you money to buy other pieces for your home. You would also have done a good recycling deed.

There you have it! Six easy tips to be an even savvier prospective home owner. Renovating and furnishing a brand new home may be a tiring and tedious process, but I bet the sense of satisfaction that you get upon seeing the finished product will definitely be well worth all the hassle! Have fun and enjoy the journey towards your new home and fill it with the things you love.

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