Renovating? Know Why You Need to Use Pre-packed Material

By : Brenda Tan
17 September 2015

If you are planning to renovate your home, do know that from 1 June 2015, renovation contractors must use pre-packed material when carrying out renovation in dry areas such as bedrooms, and living and dining rooms of HDB flats. This is in addition to the current requirement of using pre-packed material for the wet areas of the flat such as the toilet, bathroom, and the kitchen.


The pre-packed material comprises a blend of sand and cement mixed in required proportions in factories, so the renovation contractors no longer have to do it manually on site.


But how does this affect you as a home owner? We have put together the following information for your reference.


Why the switch to pre-packed material?

• It is a move towards better productivity
• By adding the correct amount of water as prescribed by the manufacturer of the pre-packed material, the material is ready to be laid out – thus saving time.
• The site environment will definitely be cleaner, which makes it easier for housekeeping.


Will it cost more?

The cost increase varies according to the flat size and scope of the renovation works. But do get several quotations and check costs before you commit to the renovation contract.

Besides the use of pre-packed material, you can also get more pointers on what to look out for when renovating your flat. If you spot any dubious renovation procedures, you can contact your HDB Branch, and they will investigate the matter.

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