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By : Atikah Razak
04 January 2017

If you have read about the top decor trends that will dominate 2017, you will know that ‘Greenery’ is the colour of the year. It signifies a return to Nature. Shake off the excesses of last season. “Buy less, choose well, make it last”, as Britain’s fashion doyenne, Vivienne Westwood, says!

On this note, here are 5 decor upcycling tips that will give you more bang for your buck.


1. Fur rug

The Danes define ‘Hygge’ as the art of creating intimacy. So, how do you ‘hygge’? Simple. Burn candles, add woven textiles, and create textures. But the fur rug, a staple in Scandinavian home interiors, is key!

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To make your own ‘fur’ rug, all you need is a rug underlay, spray adhesive and 2 metres of a fabric of your choice! Use a marker to outline your rug on the back of your fabric, paste the rug underlay over it, and cut it to shape. Easy, right?  😉 


2. Marble countertop

Marble makes for beautiful countertops, but its hefty price tag will definitely leave you scarred. But the good news is, we know of a cheaper alternative.  🙂 

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Getting self-adhesive marble wallpaper from any DIY hardware shop is already half the battle won! Once you have it, all you got to do is paste it over your desk.


3. Twine lamps

The ‘farmhouse’ style may not sound so glamorous, but it does give off a rustic chic feel, if done right!

This is my favourite DIY tutorial to achieve the farmhouse look because it is so simple. You will need twine, and a hot glue gun to wind it around any old lamp that you have. 

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4. De-cluttering with drawers

The Marie Kondo method teaches us to give away things we do not truly love, and encourages a minimalist lifestyle. If parting ways is too hard, why not try organising your things instead?

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Repurpose your old drawers, by adding castors at the bottom of it. These make for great hidden storage spaces, as you can easily roll them underneath your bed.


5. Indoor Vines

Apparently the fiddle leaf fig tree (a.k.a the Instagram tree) is passé, and indoor vines have taken over!

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You can try making your own trellis for your vines to grow on. For the budget version, use twine or rope to attach thin strips of wood together. Drill a hole at both ends of each piece of wood, and put the rope through it. You will end up with something that looks like a rope ladder, and you can hang it anywhere you want.  🙂 

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