Sanctuary in Simplicity

By : Kay Liao
31 January 2017



Alicia and Gabriel’s 4-room flat in Bedok is a modern minimalist haven. From the clever crafting of space to the mindful choice of statement furniture, their home perfectly exemplifies the concept of “less is more”.


Stepping into the bright and airy flat makes one feel at ease instantly. The peaceful atmosphere is enhanced by the vibrant green of the tree canopy outside the windows, echoed by the pleasing hints of green woven throughout the interiors.

Marrying their love for different design styles, the couple achieved a clutter-free and clean look for their home. “I like the Scandinavian style, while Gabriel is fond of the Japanese look, so we tried to mirror both of them in our overall concept,” Alicia said.


They also selected or customised furniture made of natural materials, including wood, to complete the appeal. Their sofa, for instance, is custom-made by a friend, as Gabriel wanted a sofa with a deeper seat. Gifts from friends and travel mementos decorate small corners of their home, breathing life and personality into their minimalist home.

As the co-founder of an e-commerce business and a freelance writer, Alicia works from home most of the time. “We wanted our flat to be functional and spacious, and also a comfortable working space,” they explained.

The couple roped in another friend who works as an architect to come up with the plans for their home. By hacking a wall from the rooms, they divided their flat into two key spaces – the living and dining areas, and the couple’s bedroom and walk-in wardrobe.

The couple’s bedroom reflects the same pared down aesthetic. A seamless combination of simple lines and neutral colours evokes a sense of balance. The antique green chest which is used as a bedside table adds a fun pop of colour that goes well with the quiet colour palette of whites and greys.

Having moved into their flat only a few months ago, Alicia and Gabriel will be spending their first Chinese New Year in their new home. We wish them all the festive best!

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